Funding / Befondsing

The aim of the LCA is to pro-actively try and make Lynnwood North a safer place for its residents by taking back the streets, parks and open areas from the criminals. The LCA has never officially offered a re-active security arrangement as required by short-term insurance companies as the security of each property and its contents remain the responsibility of each individual household. The LCA does, however, work very closely with all the security companies in the area and being constantly in the area can react quickly should a member call the LCA 0861 33 33 61 emergency number.

To make the LCA pro-active security arrangement possible it is necessary for LCA to monitor the 6 entrances, perimeter and the streets. At present there are guards at the 6 entrances from 6pm to 6am, a roving vehicle 24/7 and a control room 24/7 through which the whole pro-active security initiative is monitored. The initiative needs to be expanded to include day guards and an additional roving vehicle. Currently most of the crime in our area is now commited during day time.

The voluntary contribution of R415 was originally based on 375 households out of a possible 645 households, but to date the membership has remained constant around 300 households and thus the withdrawal of the day guards. Late payment or defaulting of payments also make it extremely difficult for LCA to settle its monthly contractual commitments. With more households joining it would be possible to expand the pro-active arrangement and review levies.

Sharing the cost equitably among the residents is not based on the size of properties or the number of complexes on a property, but rather of the number of households utilising the open areas. The spin-off is that the properties should be safer and that the residents/guests can leave their properties by car or walk in the streets and parks without feeling concerned that criminals are lurking in the streets ready to pounce on them or their properties. This service is not performed by security companies as they only react after the crime has occurred.

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