2014 LCA Chairman’s Report

7th LCA AGM Chairman’s Report

Dear valued members,

I am honoured and once again pleased to present my report regarding the affairs of the Lynnwood Community Association (LCA) for the past year.


The LCA is a non-profitable company which was established in 2007 after a heated meeting of our residents in this same venue. The levels of crime in our area were sky high at the time.  We wanted to take back our streets and wanted the freedom of moving around our suburb without fear of being the next victim.

After appointing various security providers during the first two years of the LCA’s existence, we eventually settled on Zambli Security in 2008.  Over the past six years the relationship has grown from strength to strength. Most of you will be aware that it is the responsibility of Zambli to guard the five entrances to our suburb at night as well as man our LCA patrol vehicle on a 24/7 basis. They also guard the gates at the entrances of Strubenkop, Om de Berg and Lynnwood Estate. Our dedicated emergency number is linked to Zambli’s control room and the footage on our cameras at our entrances can also be viewed at Zambli’s premises on request. It is such a pity that just a small portion of our community chose Zambli as their armed response and alarm monitoring company. This company is walking the extra mile for our community.  The owner, Johnny Grant, is a resident in Lynnwood North, the friendly patrol officers in the roving vehicles are always willing to help and they know our area like the back of their hands.  Zambli is the real success behind the LCA initiative. Unfortunately their performance is judged by the uninformed, whose main ambition is to focus on how quickly the guards can open the boom gate in the evenings, rather than the overall safety in the suburb.  Sadly these residents can’t wait to send a complaint regarding our guards’ performances and compliments for a job well done are seldom forthcoming.

While Zambli attends to hands-on security aspects, the admin department works behind the scenes to keep the community informed on the LCA website of daily crime incidents and other related issues and matters of interest in our area. Visit www.lcalynnwood.com for details.


Our membership is voluntary. This is also unfortunate because since the start of the security initiative, 54% households joined and this has remained the status quo for the past seven years.  We are also challenged by the current economic climate, our members are taking financial strain and it is unfair that about 46% of our community are enjoying the benefits of the services of the LCA and Zambli without contributing towards it. Each of us has a social responsibility that requires that we act to benefit our community at large.  Unfortunately it seems that half of our community just want to receive and are not prepared to give.

We had to increase our membership subscription fee in 2013 and I’m happy to report that our financials are in a healthy state and there is no need to increase our levies again this year. The increase provided us with a much needed cash injection which allowed us to once again introduce the daily bicycle patrols over the festive season, with almost no reportable crimes being committed during this high risk time.


My team consists of five volunteer directors, namely Johan Swemmer, Renier Holtzhausen and Morné van Eck (Marketing), Basie Prinsloo (Financial) and Felicia du Preez (Communications).  To add to these five directors we have our admin/finance lady Janet de Gouveia, and Evan Franklin who assists us with our database and website. Thank you to all of you for your hard work during the past year. I appreciate your input and support. Every one of you contributes to the success behind the LCA.  A big thank you, especially, to Johan and Basie for their guidance over the past 4 years.  Together we’ve been at the helm of the LCA committee since 2010 and their valuable and selfless time and input strengthened my hands to ensure that the LCA continued to operate with precision.

In terms of our Articles of Association, the current directors are automatically required to resign after serving a year on the committee and may be re-elected. I’ve decided that it is time for new blood and fresh ideas to take the LCA security initiative to the next level. It was a privilege to serve our community as chair of the LCA for the past 4 years.  I’ve learnt a great deal and I want to thank each and every member for their unselfish contribution to the LCA. Every call and e-mail assisted me with my job as chairman. Please continue to support this organisation. You are the life blood of this security initiative, the heart of the LCA. Without your contribution we will fall back into the darkness of the criminal activity that reigned in our area before 2007. I will however still be available, as in the case of Evan, in an advisory and consulting capacity.


I am again proud of the work and results that we have accomplished in 2013 – 2014 in maintaining the relatively low levels of crime in our area. Although we were not able to eradicate crime completely, we still remain one of the areas in the Brooklyn policing precinct with the consistently lowest levels of crime. The slide show which will be presented by Zambli will better reflect the crime situation for the past 12 months.

The LCA was also instrumental, together with the LRA (Lynnwood Residents Association) and Councillor Siobhan Muller, in the fencing off of Lynnwood Road between Rosemary and Rodericks Streets, as well as the final, complete fencing off of Frik Eloff Park.  Fencing these areas contributed to our success during the past year in keeping crime levels to a minimum. The healthy relationship that exists between the LCA, LRA and councillor Siobhan Muller is also a very important component that contributes to our success. We have a direct line to the decision makers at a very high level at the City of Tshwane through Councillor Muller, and her enormous input in our area cannot be ignored. I also take this opportunity to thank her for all her assistance during my term as chair of the LCA and her valuable contribution.

The LCA appointed a full time marketer for two months at the end of 2103 to canvass new members, but unfortunately without the desired long term effect.  We desperately need more members to continue to fuel the LCA.

Your participation is what makes Lynnwood North one of the safest areas to live in.

Keep well and see you around in the neighbourhood.

I thank you.

Stefan van der Walt

LCA Chairman


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