2013 LCA AGM Minutes


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Communications Director, Sharon Cooke welcomed members to the 6th Annual General Meeting.  The notice of the meeting had been duly issued in terms of the Articles of Association of the LCA.

2.      QUORUM

Sharon confirmed that a quorum was present and declared the meeting duly constituted. 45 members were present and 83 proxies had been received, a total representation of 128 which surpassed the minimum requirement for a quorum of 80.


Chairman, Stefan van der Walt welcomed the guest speaker, Colonel Andrew Lesch, Head of Crime Prevention at Brooklyn Police Station.

Colonel Lesch gave a presentation on crime reported in Sectors 1 to 4 for the period May 2012 to May 2013. He told the audience that for the most part, crime statistics were down. He said that priority crimes such as burglary of residences and businesses, theft out of and of motor vehicles, armed robberies etc. had decreased by 11% compared to the previous year.  Statistics reflected that priority crimes peaked on Fridays between 16:00 – 20:00 and were at their lowest on Sundays.  The highest priority crime area was Hatfield and Colonel Lesch attributed that to the general negligence of university students.  In terms of motor vehicle thefts he reported that the most popular vehicles being stolen were Toyota’s, particularly the older models.  Residence burglaries had reduced by 27%.  Interestingly he said that the highest burglary rate occurred in residential complexes with access control.  He said it was very easy for criminals to duplicate remote codes and he urged members to ensure that access remote codes are regularly changed and reprogrammed.  Although theft out of motor vehicles had decreased by 1%, Colonel Lesch advised that these incidents could be further minimised if the public would cease leaving bags, laptops and items of value in plain sight of criminals.

He expressed concern that no CPF (Community Policing Forum) was evident in Sector 1.  He said a CPF/SAPS collaboration assists the SAPS in determining which criminal issues a community is struggling with and how to best combat the problems with the guidance of the SAPS.   He asked the audience to volunteer to participate in starting up a CPF.

In closing, he said that the SAPS continues to share information and work closely with the various security companies within the policing sectors to create a unified front against crime. He stated that crime is definitely kept at bay in suburbs where communities are actively involved such as in Lynnwood North.

In an emergency or when reporting a crime, Colonel Lesch stressed that the public should first always contact the police on 10111.  There is a voice logging facility on this number and as such it is advisable to use it rather than calling the police station.  However if calls to 10111 are unsuccessful, the contact number for the Brooklyn Police station is 012 366 1735/6.  As a third and final resort, one of the two police vehicles patrolling the sector 24 hours a day can be contacted on 071 675 6384 or 071 675 6385.  The LCA emergency number 0861 333 361 or Zambli Security, 082 550 7215 can also be contacted in an emergency.

Stefan thanked Colonel Lesch for his time and informative presentation.

4.      MOTION

Stefan introduced the committee to the audience and briefly spoke about the role of each director.  He also thanked the directors for volunteering their skills and time to ensure the success of the LCA.

He asked the audience for any motions and none were submitted.


The minutes were accepted and approved.


There were no matters arising from the previous minutes.


The complete Chairman’s report can be viewed on the LCA website: www.lcalynnwood.com. The report was also presented on the slideshow during the meeting and Stefan translated it into Afrikaans for the benefit of the attending members.


Basie Prinsloo, Financial Director said that the LCA finances were in a healthy state.  He attributed the positive financial situation to the continued support of the members and thanked them for this.

8.1     Approve the LCA Financial Statements for the year ending 28th February 2013.

 The Financial Statements were accepted and approved.

 8.2     Increases in Membership Fees.

 Basie said that although at this stage the financial state of the LCA was sound, the increase in future month to month costs would begin to erode the fat in the finances. Since the commencement of the LCA six years ago, the cost per LCA member had remained constant at R377 per month and this amount was no longer viable to sustain inflationary increases.  He proposed an increase of 10% to R415 per month in membership fees. Members present were given the opportunity to voice opinions in this regard and were asked to approve or oppose the proposal.  The increase was accepted by the audience and will become effective 1 August 2013.

8.3   Approve Auditors and approve remuneration for the past Audit.

Auditors Jan Erasmus were once again appointed as auditors for the following year and their remuneration was approved.


Marketing Director, Johan Swemmer told the audience that marketing for new members remained an on-going challenge.  He said that although the membership base had remained constant at 54%, the goal of increasing membership by 10% over the last year had not materialised.  This he said was due to continued resistance by non-members to join the initiative.  The door-to-door approach was not easy.  He said that member resignations from the LCA were primarily due to residents moving out of Lynnwood, financial constraints and members begin removed due to non-payment.  He told the members that a community social activity will be planned for 2013 in an attempt to recruit additional members.  Appropriate measures will also be implemented to maintain/increase security.

Johan also mentioned that members wishing to advertise their businesses and or services could do so on the LCA website at a cost of R100 per month.  Interested persons could contact Janet de Gouveia on 072 189 0333 or e-mail lcalynnwood@gmail.com for details.


Stefan advised that Sharon Cooke and Elinor Sisulu would be resigning from the committee.  They had both served a three year term and he thanked them for their hard work and involvement in the LCA.  Two positions were thus vacant on the committee and he asked the members to please volunteer their services to replace the outgoing directors.  After the meeting Morne van Eck volunteered to join the committee and a few days later Felicia du Preez agreed to be on the committee.


11.1     Zambli: Security Report

Johnny Grant from Zambli Security gave the security report for Lynnwood North.  He reminded the audience that the data he was providing was calculated only on information given directly to Zambli by residents and did not reflect any crime tendencies or statistics of South Africa. His report covered the period March 2012 to May 2013.

He reported that there had been 22 house break-in incidents during this period. 65% of them had occurred during the day and 35% had taken place at night. Incidents in Lynnwood Estate contributed to 57% of night time crime.  No cases were reported in Strubenkop.  Four night time break-ins were within complexes and four outside of complexes.  Two break-ins were committed by persons with legal entry to premises and two arrests were made. 

There had been four cases of attempted house break-in reported.  As a result of the quick response time by Zambli, the criminals had abandoned their attempts.

Seven cases of theft out of motor vehicle were reported.  The thefts mainly took place Lynnwood Laerskool and in Rosemary St.

Four cases of theft of motor vehicle occurred.  The vehicles were stolen at Lynnwood Laerskool and Rosemary St.  One of the motor vehicle thefts was linked to a house break-in in the area.

One armed robbery was reported.

Johnny mentioned that a growing concern was the number of incidents of people speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol.  Six cases of motor vehicle collisions were reported of which one was fatal.

He said that Zambli had notable successes during the year and were able to prevent numerous house break-in and theft of vehicle attempts.  They were also instrumental in recovering a stolen vehicle and securing two arrests in this regard. A house break-in arrest lead to other arrests and the outcome was that outstanding cases could be closed. 

He said that Lynnwood North was crime free for three months during the year and for a period of six months no house break-ins were reported.

11.2     Zambli: Armed Response

Johnny reminded the audience that Zambli offers armed response to private households at a very competitive rate.  LCA members are given a special rate.  Zambli also offers other services such as escorting residents to their homes at night and providing security when a burglary occurs.

11.4     Other

 The meeting was opened up to the floor and the following matters were raised:

  • A member asked what could be done to prevent vehicles from speeding in Sappers Contour.  The options suggested were that the council could be approached to build speed humps to slow traffic down.  Alternatively the cost to build speed humps could be done at the residents’ own expense.  This could cost in the region of R40 000.  Johnny however suggested that Zambli be informed of speeding vehicles and they would feed the information to the police.
  • Elinor Sisulu appealed to the audience to please donate thermal vests to the security guards for winter.  She said that she would donate three vests.


Stefan called an end to the meeting and thanked the audience for their attendance and active participation.
The meeting adjourned at 20:00

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