Minutes 2009

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Held at the Trinity Church, Roderick/Lovers Walk, Lynnwood North on Wednesday 6th May, 2009 at 19h00.

1. Notice of Meeting and Welcome

The Chairman, Koos van As, welcomed members to the 2nd Annual General Meeting.  The notice of meeting had been duly issued in terms of the Articles of Association of the LCA.

2. Quorum

The Chairman confirmed that a quorum was present and declared the meeting duly constituted.

There were 60 members present with 50 proxies, therefore totalling 110 and thus meeting the requirement for a quorum. Three non-members and some spouses of members also attended.

3.  Motions

No motions were submitted.

4. Approval of previous AGM’s minutes/Matters arising

The minutes were accepted and approved. All matters arising would be dealt with during the course of the meeting and in terms of the agenda items for the meeting.

5.  Chairman’s Report

The Chairman’s report was available on the website and accepted as read. Koos van As nevertheless highlighted a few of the most important aspects, as follows:

  • The rocky road since the last AGM such as the changes in guarding companies and security provider, the resolving of accounting, admin and organisational issues, the opening of the bank account, and the like.
  • The LCA  now controls its finances and admin affairs itself totally.
  • Security remains good (the lowest sector in the Brooklyn SAPD precinct) with just a few incidents, none of a major nature.
  • Vastly improved communication due to the website. The accent is on e-mail communication with a strong attempt to hand-deliver documentation to all non-electronic members. There will therefore not be newsletters in future. The meeting responded unanimously favourably to this approach. Koos also advised that the LCA endeavours to provide communication on a bi-lingual basis as far as possible. One of the members, Rinet Griessel, has offered to do the necessary translations, for which the LCA was very thankful.
  • No progress i.r.o. the CID. As Botha has withdrawn from the initiative and there the matter will lie—unless someone volunteers to take up where As left matters.
  • A boom was erected on the day of the AGM at the Shell garage entrance to Queens Crescent which closes a loophole that had been bothering us for some time. Our thanks to the owner, Mr Frank Rea.
  • In the way forward there were no magic solutions. What we would look at would be aspects such as maintaining a good standard of guarding (and improving thereon by employing higher grade guards); re-introduction of day guards; an integrated alarm system i.e. whereby a reactive response system could be coupled with the current pro-active system; and the provision of a radio system to members. Zambli can provide radios at cost, with a monthly licence fee and they are working on a proposal for an integrated alarm monitoring package, at a reduced rate.
  • Perimeter fencing remains a problem, especially along the Eastern/N1 boundary.
  • The GAP (Guard Assistance Programme) system is to be re-introduced as it provides a link between the residents and the security provider. Koos asked volunteers to enter their names on a list which would circulate.


  • Membership, at around 314, remains at just > 50%. The problem was how to increase this. Experience has shown that a marketing person as such doesn’t work—the best options seems to be to work through the community (“Get your neighbour to join”) and also interest should increase once we can offer an integrated alarm system, as mentioned earlier.
  • There were some members that had contracted with Streetsafe to provide a reaction service and some might still be using them in this regard. This was a totally stand-alone arrangement, one that LCA was never involved with and also could not endorse.
  • Koos thanked his co-directors for all their contributions (all voluntary) and especially also Evan Franklin who, although not a director any more, spent untiring efforts on aspects such as the database, website, and admin and accounting matters. Koos also introduced and welcomed Janet de Gouveia, our newly-appointed admin officer/accountant.

The Chairman’s report was accepted and Tertius du Plessis thanked Koos for all his efforts and time spent on the LCA initiative, and also endorsed the integrated alarm system as the way to go.

6. Approval of Financial Statements/Appointment of Auditors

The Financial Statements for the year ending 28 February 2009 were made available on the website and accepted as read. Pero Roux explained that the expense structure was relatively straightforward and also briefly highlighted how the funds for the perimeter fencing were utilized.

If we can add 131 members, we can re-introduce the day guards!

The Lynnwood Community Association is registered as a section 21 company and it’s Memorandum and Articles of Association and 5 directors are all in place.

Jan Erasmus auditors reported a clean audit and the necessary segregation of duties and controls were all in place.

It was proposed that the Financial Statements be accepted, the auditors’ remuneration be approved and that Jan Erasmus auditors be appointed as auditors for the ensuing year, which proposal was seconded and accepted.

Pero thanked Jan Erasmus auditors as well as Janet for her efforts in the time that she had been involved with the LCA.

7. Special Resolution—SARS

Certain amendments to our Articles of Association were requested by SARS in order to enable the LCA to conform with their requirements. These were posted on the website and were unanimously approved by the meeting.

8. General

8.1 Security Report

John Grant of Zambli, our security provider, endorsed the low crime rate in Lynnwood North. The biggest incidence of crime in the area was theft out of motor vehicles—he again advised residents to never leave items of value in vehicles and especially not in the open. The Eastern/N1 boundary was a problem to manage—this would improve once the SANRA has erected the planned fence on the N1, but this would still take some time.

Since their involvement from late last year, Zambli have introduced a number of additional initiatives at their own cost such as an extra patrolling guard over the Christmas period and the addition of an alarm monitoring vehicle since May 2009.

For the future, Zambli would see the introduction of a radio system such as per the Brummeria example, and which gave excellent results once it was up and running. More marketing would be concentrated on from their side and they were looking at providing the Estate managers in the patrol vehicles with proper medical training.


8.2 Community Policing Forum (CPF)

Koos introduced Mr. Wessie vd Westhuizen, the chairman of the Brooklyn CPF, sector 1, who briefly outlined the workings of the CPF. All residents are automatically members thereof and

are urged to attend the meetings that are held every 2nd Tuesday of the month in the Trinity church. The latest security happenings are discussed and the Brooklyn Police station is represented by a member who also gives invaluable feedback to residents and is available to listen to comments and criticism regarding the Police, and take it further with the Police station management. As such, it provides an excellent communication forum between the residents and the Police.   Rudolf Viljoen is the current Brooklyn Police sector manager for our sector.

As the Police were busy restructuring their CPF initiative, there would be no meetings for the next two months, and the details of the next meeting, for July, would be posted on the LCA website. Minutes of the Forum meetings will also be made available on our site in future to update members that might not be able to attend meetings.

Oom Wessie referred to press reports regarding bad service related to the 10111 emergency service and provided the following 24/7 Brooklyn police station emergency numbers that can be dialled as an alternative to the 10111 number—

012 366 1735/6/7

Oom Wessie’s number is                 083 251 0876

8.3 Questions/Comments//Answers

  • What about the involvement of businesses?  //    We have very few business members and need to concentrate on them as they also gain through our initiative.
  • What about cameras during the daytime?     //     This is a definite option but the funds to invest in the capital equipment are a problem.
  • What about a letter to non-participating residents?  //  We have done this in the past but will do so again, possibly from a different angle this time.
  • We should inform members of residents in their vicinity that are not members, to enable them to persuade them to join. What about an incentive to members for writing up new members?  //  The directors did consider the former point at their last meeting and will investigate it further, as well as the latter point.
  • We should really start pressurising non-members  //  One must consider all implications—ours is a voluntary structure and it would be very difficult under pertaining conditions to go beyond trying to coax non-members to join. Even the cooperation of members is not good at times, with insulting behaviour towards the guards at times. However, we have to persevere—and we welcome all the input and assistance we can get.
  • Members must be more involved with getting non-members to join e.g. to every second Saturday do service at the various entrances to talk to and convince non-members passing through.  //  We did do this some time back—the problem was to get enough volunteers! We will, however, again look at this.
  • Can’t we approach an insurance company for improved tariffs on the basis of the LCA results/crime statistics in the area?  //  One resident has already been able to  negotiate this and we will take it further.
  • The LCA needs a clear Corporate Identity, especially at the entrances.  //  We do have a mobile signboard that will be in use shortly and will move between the various entrances. We also have our CI/signs on the guard huts. It should also be remembered that our arrangements are in the main informal.


  • We don’t see the patrol vehicle operating much in the area.  //  Members can be assured that the car is indeed travelling constantly through the area. It is quite a big area.
  • Sometimes, just before 06:00, the guards are not at their positions.  //  This can be, as they start to prepare for leaving around 15 minutes before shift end.
  • A problem with guards is boredom. Can the vehicle not rotate them at, say, 2 to 3-hourly intervals to relieve this?  //  Zambli now have a person who visits the points and checks on the guards and also interacts with them on a positive basis.
  • The patrol vehicle should have a green light to identify it.  //  Zambli have rather followed a more low-key approach so far. This will be looked at again.
  • The Zambli control room should be used to report all suspicious behaviour/vehicles/persons for investigation. The Estate managers really welcome this, as well as being asked to escort members back home at night. With the control room now being situated in the area, in Sappers Contour, it improves the speed of reaction.

9  Election of  Directors

The following directors automatically retired in terms of the Articles of Association and were all nominated as directors for the ensuing year:

Christo Wiese, Susan Grabe, Tertius du Plessis, Koos van As and Pero Roux.

A nomination was also received for Johan Neethling.

All the above nominations were approved and accepted.

10 Vote of appreciation

A vote of appreciation for the efficient operation of the LCA was proposed and universally accepted.

The meeting adjourned at 20:50

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