Chairmans Report 2010

Chairman’s Report

1. Welcome

–         you are aware of the contents of the agenda which is on the screen as well. Not necessary for me to go through the agenda before we start;

–         appreciate your time and presence ;

–         without your continued support the whole initiative will not be successful;

–         Welcome in particular: Jan Malan from Streetsafe who will have a few words later on;   Johan Swemmer chairman of Lynnwood Estate –  commend them on a job well done on the closure which is also enhancing the security in the LCA area– any questions can be addressed to him concerning Lynnwood Estate and the closure; Louw Kannemeyer from Sanral who will also brief us on their plans relating to the fence on the N1 side;  Johan Stimie chairman of Lynnwood Residents Association who will also share some words with us at a later stage.

2. Report

–         when we appointed Zambli 18 months ago the aim was for them to get as many security contracts and guards employed in the area as possible. This would have allowed them to first of all know what is happening in the larger Lynnwood and surrounding areas and have as many eyes and ears on the ground as possible;

–         Currently Zambli is also supplying guards to Om De Berg,Lynnwood Estate through the LCA, Strubenkop, Conference centres and other guards at different places in the area;

–         In addition Zambli also monitor approximately 60 alarms in the area;

–         Result is that they are fully in control of the area and know what is happening in the area from a security point of view;

–         We have a model that works;

–         Bearing the above in mind I want to submit that crime in the area is under control;

–         Proof of the pudding is in the eating – main aim is to bust crime and that is what we are doing – Jan Malan ;

–         Situation has stabilized – we have put a number of controls and systems in place and I think the ship is sailing smoothly;


–         It has been our view right from the outset that although we rely on Zambli to render security services as they are doing this is and has always been an initiative that relies on strong partnerships. The relationship between Zambli and the LCA is based on a partnership relationship instead of the normal relationship as between two contracting parties.

–         The second partnership that exists is between the LCA and residents.

–         We need to strengthen that partnership in particular in the following ways:

  • Support of all residents,financially – please pay on time;- please ensure that there is sufficient funds in the account if you pay by debit order-please pay into the correct account and identify the payment so that Janet knows which member to credit;
  • The residents are the eyes and ears of the security initiative;report anything out of the ordinary in the area especially during the world cup; Report of Aubrey Pieters independent security advisor- gist is that the manpower and efforts of SAPS will be concentrated on areas most frequented by tourists and visitors. Crime will increase during this period and the police will be under pressure.Criminals will know this and will most likely target amongst other suburbs .However we don’t have to panic – the message is to be alert and streetwise and to report any unusual or suspicious activity in the area.We have specific agreed procedure in place when something is being reported by a resident to ensure that the issue is being attended to;Part of the procedure is that you must be given feedback by the control room;Report of Aubrey Pieters is on the website;
  • Talking about the website – please acquint yourself with what is happening in the area by visiting the website and giving us your input.We spend a lot of time on updating the website and keeping it fresh and relevant yet it is being visited by very few ;
  • Require constant input from residents to ensure that we have a standard of service and that we get from Zambli what we are paying for- for instance if you see that a guard is just letting vehicles leaving the area without checking them please phone the control room immediately and report that; if you don’t get joy please speak to the Directors;
  • We need to address the open areas adjacent to Lynnwood Road.The one option is to put up fencing.If we follow that route we will need to raise money ,we need to obtain council’s approval etc.Somebody ,preferably one of the residents in that area should drive such an initiative;
  • We need the current members to assist with the marketing of membership.We have come to the conclusion that the only way we will successfully market the LCA is through its own members.We have used the street representative model which we have done away with,we have tried alternative ways which also didn’t work .Whichever way we do it it will have to be done by the members.We need somebody to drive such a marketing campaign. Currently we have approxamitely 310 members which equates to about a 50% participation of the residents in the area which is not too bad.I believe the norm is usually less than that so we are not doing too badly but we can do better;
  • We need members to serve as directors.In terms of the memorandum of association the company can appoint from two to ten directors.The current directors,with the exception of one all served for two years or longer and they all indicated that they are not available to serve longer as directors. Thet includes myself.Although the directors approached a number of members in the weeks prior to this AGM with the view of getting them to serve as members we were only able to get one nomination. The reality is that if we do not get directors appointed tonight the whole initiative will have to be terminated.I know we are all busy but the bottomline is that somebody has got to do the job. I am challenging each one of you to volunteer when we get to the appointment of directors at a later stage;
  • To summarise – we have a model that works,crime is under control,admin and finances are under control.We are ideally positioned to improve the system even more but we need people that are willing to go the extra mile.In particular we need members who are willing to serve as directors.
  • Thanks to:
  • Zambli – all the security personnel for their loyalty towards making Lynnwood safer area and to JohnGrant who is always available,helpful and willing to go the extra mile;
  • Janet de Gouveia – your work is always on time ,always 100% correct.Thank you for you diligence.It is indeed assuring to know that LCA’s admin and finances are in you good hands;
  • All the directors for their loyal support and commitment;
  • Pero Roux – financial director and in particular for the hard work and long hours that he spent on making the closure of Lynnwood Estate a success;
  • Tertius du Plessis – vice chairman the man with the golden words responsible for communication.He is the author of all newsletters and virtually all communication from the LCA. Thanks for your tact,wisdom and loyalty.It is going to be very difficult for somebody to fill you shoes;
  • Evan Franklin – they say nobody is irreplacable. It doesn’t apply to Evan.  If it was not for Evan the LCA would not have been where it is today.He works always works unrelentlesly to improve the LCA and goes the extra mile without being asked. Thanks Evan.

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