Chairmans Report 2011

The Lynnwood Community Association (LCA) is an article 21 company, which was established in February 2007 due to the extremely high levels of crimes being perpetrated in the Lynnwood North area on a daily basis. We are thankful for the efforts of the founding directors, all previous directors and our members for their efforts and commitment in making Lynnwood North one of the lowest crime areas in the Brooklyn precinct.

Our members’ properties are identified with a LCA board.  The board bears our stylish emblem, the Monkey Thorn tree typically thriving in Lynnwood, thereby clearly linking it with the identity of our community. Its thorns indicate the protection it provides against unwanted elements and the positioning of the LCA acronym under its spreading crown, symbolises the protection the tree also provides against the elements. The LCA on the logo is white, representing light, in contrast with the darkness of the criminal elements. The bright green of the tree is a colour generally associated with growth and new life.  That is what the LCA aims for, to grow as a community association in order for all our residents to enjoy a life free of crime.

Zambli security was appointed as our security provider in the beginning of 2009.  They guard the five entrances to our suburb at night as well as man our LCA vehicle on a 24/7 basis. They also guard the gated communities of Strubenkop, Om de Berg and Lynnwood Estates.  Furthermore, they also provide armed response and alarm monitoring to almost 70 households in our area. There is a healthy synergy between the LCA and Zambli and for us to continue and strengthen our partnership, we need all residents to support Zambli security and to be pro-active and aware of their surroundings. We are the eyes and the ears of the community, we must report any suspicious activities to Zambli by phoning our dedicated emergency number 0861 333 361.  This number is linked directly to the Zambli control room. John Grant, the owner of Zambli will attend our AGM on Thursday 26 May where he will briefly summarize the crime incidents and the severity thereof in our area during the past year. On a daily basis, Zambli provides the LCA with a security report, which is updated on our website and members are encouraged to visit the website regularly on

LCA manage the security initiative and also the administration of the contributions by our members. The voluntary contribution of R377 was originally based on 58% of households, but to date the membership has remained constant at around 53% of households. If more households join it will be possible to expand our current security arrangement by re-introducing the daily bicycle patrols which worked very successfully during the festive season and we would have the necessary funds to implement a second 24/7 roaming vehicle.

In terms of the Articles of Association, the current directors are automatically required to resign after serving a year on the committee and then they may be re-elected.  All five have confirmed that they are available for re-election for the new financial year. We will gladly accept new nominations from our current members to serve as directors.

A big thank you to Mr. LCA, as he is affectionately known by the current directors, Evan Franklin for all his input and guidance over the past year, for keeping us on a tight rope and for maintaining our website together with the help of his son.  And of course, last but most certainly not least, a special thank you to Janet de Gouveia, our finance/admin lady and right arm of the LCA.  We’d be lost without her meticulous and conscientious hard work.


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