Minutes LCA AGM May 2012


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Communications Director, Sharon Cooke welcomed members to the 5th Annual General Meeting.  The notice of the meeting had been duly issued in terms of the Articles of Association of the LCA.
A special welcome was extended to guest speaker Colonel Jan Malan, a member of the Brooklyn SAPS Community Policing Forum.  Colonel Malan kindly agreed to address the audience on the crime situation as received from the SAPS.

The committee members were introduced to the audience:  Stefan van der Walt (Chairman), Johan Swemmer (Marketing Director), Renier Holtzhausen (Marketing Director), Elinor Sisulu (Marketing Director), Basie Prinsloo (Financial Director) and Sharon Cooke (Communications Director).


Sharon confirmed that a quorum was present and declared the meeting duly constituted.  There were 35 members present and 64 proxies had been received, totalling 94 and thereby attaining the requirements for a quorum of 80.


The purpose of Colonel Jan Malan’s presentation was to discuss the type of crime occurring in our area.   Jan gave a comprehensive presentation of the crime statistics provided by the SAPS for the month of March 2012 and compared them to the statistics for March 2011.  His statistics showed that priority crimes such as burglary of residences and businesses, theft out of and of motor vehicles, armed robberies etc. had increased by 29% compared to previous year.  All of the suburbs in the Brooklyn policing precinct were covered in his presentation and reflected thatBrooklynhad the highest priority crime statistics for the month while Hazelwood had the lowest.  He elaborated on the days and times that priority crimes had been taking place.  The highest occurrences took place on Fridays, between 16:00 and 20:00 and Saturdays between 12:00 and 16:00.  His presentation showed that car-jackings are more prevalent with BMW, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagens.  Residence burglaries were up by 58% and business burglaries had increased by 15%.  The businesses inMenlo Parkshowed the highest attacks.  Theft out of motor vehicles had decreased by 18% and theft of vehicles had decreased by 3%. Toyota’s and Volkswagen’s being the most popular vehicles stolen.  Common robbery had increased by 8% and showed that Hatfield was the biggest victim of this crime. Armed robbery was down by 18%.  The statistics presented by Jan constantly showed that Lynnwood North was one of the safer/low crime areas in theBrooklynprecinct.  The message imparted by Jan Malan after his presentation was that crime is always present.  But the communities that make the effort to curb it, as the LCA and its members have done, are reaping the rewards. The Colonel advised that there were two police patrol vehicles assigned to our precinct.  In an emergency they can be contacted directly on: 071 675 6384 or 071 675 6385.  He reminded the audience that there was a voice logging facility on 10111 and that it was advisable to contact that number to report an incident rather than calling the police station number.  The LCA emergency number 0861 333 361 or Zambli Security, 082 550 7215 can also be contacted in an emergency.

4      MOTION

Chairman, Stefan van der Walt thanked Colonel Jan Malan for his informative presentation and chaired the meeting from this point.

No motions were submitted.


The minutes were accepted and approved.


There were no matters arising from the previous minutes.


The complete Directors’ Report was available on the LCA website at www.lcalynnwood.com and will give members more background regarding the history of the Lynnwood Community Association as well as that of Zambli Security.  Stefan translated the report into Afrikaans for the benefit of the attendees.  A summary of the English version is as follows:

7.1     The LCA again succeeded in our quest to have zero tolerance for crime in the Lynnwood North area by sustaining our effort of making Lynnwood North one of the lowest crime areas in theBrooklyn precinct.

7.2     Our financials are in a healthy state and there is no need to increase our levies in this regard.

7.3     The daily bicycle patrols which were introduced into the area during the festive season, worked very successfully with almost no reportable crimes committed during this high risk time.

7.4     It was the aim of the LCA to increase the membership numbers during 2011/2012 so that we would have the necessary funding to introduce additional security and establish 24/7 guards at our entrances.  Although we did succeed in increasing membership from 53 to 54%, the net gain during the year of 15 members is by no means a sufficient increase to allow for the security we wanted to implement and is a far cry from having attained the goal we set out to achieve.

7.5     Stefan took a moment to once again thank the volunteer directors, namely Sharon Cooke, Basie Prinsloo, Johan Swemmer, Elinor Sisulu and Renier Holtzhausen.  All of the directors on the LCA committee, volunteer their time and skills to serve the community while trying to cope with their jobs and other responsibilities and commitments.

7.6     Of course the LCA would not be the efficient, professional organisation that it is without the constant assistance and involvement of stalwart supporter Evan Franklin and admin/finance lady Janet de Gouveia.  Thank you to both of them for their hard work and guidance over the past year.


Financial Director Basie Prinsloo began by thanking Janet de Gouveia for her unfailing perseverance in the chasing of unpaid monies and her excellent work ethic in all matters relating to the LCA.

He advised that the audited financial statements were available on the website for scrutiny and hard copies were also available at the meeting.

Basie discussed the Statement of Financial Performance which compared income and expenses for 2011 and 2012.  The LCA is in a strong cash position and as a result once again had the funds to introduce bicycle patrols into the area over the 2011 festive season.

Comments and recommendations had been received via e-mail from Mr Schulz, a LCA member regarding the Financial Statements.  Basie confirmed that Mr Schulz raised a valid point regarding the LCA’s surplus cash and that he will investigate investing these amounts on a Money Market or an Investment account.  Mr Schulz was thanked in his absence by Basie.  These types of suggestions are always welcome and helpful.  Mr Schulz further raised concerns that the LCA’s membership fee had not increased in the last five years and he expressed surprise that more members hadn’t joined the LCA in view of their successful results.  This was discussed further by the members present at the meeting (see point 10.4).

The Financial Statements were approved and accepted.


Auditors Jan Erasmus was appointed as auditors for the ensuing year and the auditors’ remuneration was approved.


The current directors agreed to run for a third and final term. This was accepted and approved.


11.1      Zambli: Security Report

 Johnny Grant discussed the security situation within Lynnwood North and compared 2010/11 statistics to those of 2011/12.  Despite the best efforts of the LCA and Zambli, total incidents had increased in number from 34 to 42.  Lynnwood Estates (LE) had seen a sudden increase in incidents.  Johnny said that because LE was a closed off area, the criminals couldn’t enter with vehicles but lurked around the area on foot at night committing the crimes.  Evidence showed that they were jumping from property to property and escaping through the northern end of Sappers Contour.  Johnny requested LE residents to be vigilant when entering through Flinders or Derek’s St and to report to Zambli people slipping in while the gate is open.  A member of the audience complained that he noted that the entrance boom to LE inQueens St was being lifted for vehicles to enter before they were near the boom.  Johnny assured him that Zambli had met with the LE committee to address their concerns and stricter procedures were being put in place to strengthen security in the LE area. Another member of the audience told Johnny that his keyless vehicle system caused problems for him at the booms.  He suggested that Johnny trained his guards about keyless vehicles.

As for the greater Lynnwood North area, Johnny said that of the various incidents reported, house break-ins had been the highest.  These mostly occurred during the daytime when our suburb was vulnerable and criminals were targeting the area during the period that there was no boom security at the five entrances.

11.2      Zambli: Armed Response

Johnny reminded the audience that Zambli offers armed response to private households at a very competitive rate.  LCA members are given a special rate.  Zambli also offers other services such as escorting residents to their homes at night and providing security when a burglary occurs.

11.3      Marketing and Canvassing of New Members

Marketing Director, Renier Holtzhausen spoke from the heart about the difficulty of sourcing new members to join the LCA.  He told the audience that he had made a concerted effort to speak to non-members but faced constant resistance.  People were ignorant, rude and abrupt.  He was able to report that membership had increased from 53% to 54% and attributed this to a very successful community braai that the LCA hosted in August.  This venture secured 11 new members.  Increasing membership numbers remains one of the bigger challenges for the LCA and it is the aim of the committee to employ a full time marketer to assist in this regard. One of the goals set for this year is to increase membership by 10% and to host social events to encourage involvement etc. Renier appealed to everyone present to please help increase membership by approaching any non-LCA neighbours or friends. Every bit of assistance and involvement will strengthen the LCA cause and enhance the area for everyone.

11.4      Other

The meeting was opened up to the floor and the following thoughts and ideas were raised:

  • It was suggested that the LCA approach estate agents operating in the area and encourage them to sell the LCA concept to their potential buyers.  Provide the agents with the necessary marketing and application forms.
  • Another suggestion was that a list of all the non-members be distributed so that members would know who they were and could attempt to approach them.  Stefan advised that divulging personal information of that nature carried legal implications and that the LCA could not use that as a method to target non-members.  He said members were identified by the LCA board that they had up at their properties.  Anyone without a board was therefore not a member.
  • It was suggested that the LCA approach businesses for example atLynnwoodBridgeand negotiate an arrangement with them whereby LCA members would receive a discount when spending at these businesses.  Members could be given membership cards to present when frequenting the businesses. This would be a way to thank members for their support of the LCA and also encourage non-members to join.
  • Elinor Sisulu asked the audience whether any members had unemployed youngsters (University age) who were looking to make commission.  Her suggestion was that small groups of students could be used to call on non-members to promote the LCA.  She was of the opinion that there was strength in numbers and that a group rejection was easier to deal with than an individual one.
  • A member of the audience asked if the house break-in crime statistic showed whether these took place at member or non-member properties.  LCA was not able to provide that specific break-down.  Johan Swemmer offered that even if the incidents had occurred at non-members residents’, Zambli would respond regardless of whether they were LCA members or not.  In effect then, the non-members still benefitted from the security system that is in place and which is funded by members.


Stefan called an end to the meeting and thanked the audience for their attendance and participation.
The meeting adjourned at 20:30.

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