Good evening everyone and thank you for being here.

As membership to the Lynnwood Community Association is voluntary, you are obviously the life blood of this security initiative in the Lynnwood North community.

This AGM is designed to hear your views on the performance of the directors of the LCA over the past year and to obtain some new ideas/initiatives on how to improve our voluntary service to our community.

As always, I would like to start off by saying that it continues to be a privilege to be able to serve the Lynnwood Community Association.  I am standing here representing the LCA’s Board of Directors which is comprised of six directors.  In terms of our articles of association, the current directors are automatically required to resign after serving a year on the committee and they may then be re-elected. We will gladly accept new nominations from our current members to serve as directors on the LCA Board.

Over the past five years, the LCA has contributed enormously to the enhancement of the security in the Lynnwood North area.  The Lynnwood North area remains the sector in the Brooklyn policing precinct with the consistently lowest level of crime of all the areas.  We also work closely with Lynnwood Residents Association (LRA) and Community Police Forum (CPF) to make Lynnwood North safe.

I must say that I am very proud of the work and results that we have accomplished in 2011 –  2012 in maintaining the relative low levels of crime in our area.  In this regard we extend our gratitude and recognition to Zambli Security in a big way for keeping up their good work as our security provider.

I would now like to give a quick summary of what the Board has been up to over the past year:

  • We again succeeded in our quest to have zero tolerance for crime in the Lynnwood North area by sustaining our effort of making Lynnwood North one of the lowest crime areas in the Brooklyn precinct.
  • Our financials are in a healthy state and there is no need to increase our levies in this regard.
  • The daily bicycle patrols which were introduced into the area during the festive season, worked very successfully with almost no reportable crimes committed during this high risk time.
  • It was the aim of the LCA to increase the membership numbers during 2011/2012 so that we would have the necessary funding to introduce additional security and establish 24/7 guards at our entrances.  Although we did succeed in increasing membership from 53 to 54%, the net  gain during the year of 15 members is by no means a sufficient increase to allow for the security we wanted to implement and is a far cry from having attained the goal we set out to achieve.

Please refer to the Director’s Report of 2011 which will give you more background regarding the history of the Lynnwood Community Association as well as that of Zambli Security.  This report is available on our website at

I also have to take a moment to once again thank our volunteer directors, namely Sharon Cooke our Communications Director, Basie Prinsloo our Financial Director and our three Marketing Directors, Johan Swemmer, Elinor Sisulu and Renier Holtzhausen.  All of the directors on the LCA committee, volunteer their time and skills to serve the community while trying to cope with their jobs and other responsibilities and commitments.  Thank you guys, I appreciate your input and support.

Of course the LCA would not be the efficient, professional organisation that it is without the constant assistance and involvement of our stalwart supporter Evan Franklin and our admin/finance lady Janet de Gouveia.  Thank you to both of them for their hard work and guidance over the past year.

I openly invite any feedback or suggestions that you might have for us as your directors, whether you are a LCA member or not.  Please continue to support this security initiative and continue to fuel the LCA.  Your participation is what makes Lynnwood North the safest area to live in.

All the best and hope to see you around in the neighbourhood.


Stefan van der Walt

LCA Chairman

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