Held at the Trinity Church, Roderick/Lovers Walk, Lynnwood North on Wednesday 2nd May, 2010 at 19h00.

1. Notice of Meeting and Welcome

Chairman Koos van As welcomed members to the 3rd Annual General Meeting.  The notice of meeting had been duly issued in terms of the Articles of Association of the LCA.

A special word of welcome was extended to Jan Malan of Streetsafe Security, Johan Swemmer, chairman of Lynnwood Estate Security Village, Louw Kannemeyer of SANRAL and Johann Stimie of the Lynnwood Residents Association.

2. Quorum

The Chairman confirmed that a quorum was present and declared the meeting duly constituted.

There were 59 members present with 72 proxies, totalling 131 and thus meeting the requirement for a quorum. Five visitors also attended.

3.  Motions

No motions were submitted.

4. Address by Jan Malan

Jan gave feedback of a meeting, held in April, of the Brooklyn CPF (Community Police Forum), which comprises the area covered by 6 Police stations. A presentation at the meeting showed that while crime in the whole area covered was rampant, there were two islands of exception, i.e. Lynnwood North and Lynnwood Glen.

We are therefore doing something right—especially at nighttime, and we need to look seriously at our daytime activities too.

5. Approval of previous AGM minutes/Matters arising

The minutes were accepted and approved. All matters arising would be dealt with during the course of the meeting and in terms of the agenda items for the meeting.

6.  Chairman’s Report

The full report is available on the website. Koos van As reported as follows:

  • In the last 18 months since we appointed Zambli as our security provider, they have added the guarding of the gated communities of Lynnwood Estate, Om de Berg and (very recently also) Strubenkop and they also provide armed response to almost 70 households in the area. Zambli therefore are fully in control and know what is happening in the area from a security point of view. We have a model that works and the crime statistics  (as also endorsed by Jan Malan) prove this.
  • However, we have a few challenges. Our initiative relies very strongly on partnerships—

Firstly, between the LCA and Zambli. We assist each other and work together as partners and not, as is usually the case, as two contracting parties.

Secondly, between the LCA and the members. Here, it is vital that we strengthen our partnership, as follows:

  1. While we want to thank the members for their financial support, payments need to be on time and correct otherwise the LCA incurs unnecessary expenses
  2. Residents are the eyes and ears of the community and must please report any suspicious activities to Zambli—especially with the World Cup we need to have extra awareness as the Police will be concentrating elsewhere (refer report of Aubrey Pieters posted on the website)
  3. Members to please visit the website regularly
  4. Zambli are expected to give a report back to members on all incidents reported to them. If members do not receive this, they must please advise the LCA. Also, if guards are not performing their duties properly, the LCA must be informed. If we do not know, we cannot rectify! Here it is important to know that the accent is on exit control, and not entrance control.
  5. The open areas along Lynnwood Road will need to be addressed. Zambli does check these areas regularly but we might need to have these areas closed off. This is an expensive option and we will need the community to assist with such actions
  6. We need members to assist with the marketing of the LCA initiative. While we have a 54% membership, we must increase this and we need someone to drive a marketing campaign
  7. We need members to come forward to serve as directors. The present directors will all be retiring and if we can’t fill their positions, this highly successful initiative will end.
  • Koos thanked his co-directors for all their contributions (all voluntary), Johnny Grant and the staff of Zambli and Janet de Gouveia, our finance/admin lady.

The Chairman’s report was accepted and Tertius du Plessis thanked Koos for his time and efforts to further build up the LCA initiative.

7. Approval of Financial Statements/Appointment of Auditors

The Financial Statements for the year ending 28 February 2010 were made available on the website and accepted as read. Pero Roux mentioned that the financial statements were unqualified and we had to register for VAT in October. Income decreased by 1,5% while expenses were down by no less than 13,5%. We are in a strong cash position although a great part thereof is required to cover the debit orders and to cover one month’s commitments.  A percentage of monthly receipts are often received late whilst LCA has fixed monthly contractual obligations to settle.

Pero mentioned that during the year there were 20 resignations with 24 new members enrolled, bringing the total membership to 310. If the gated communities are added, then the LCA membership amount to 557 households or 54% out of a total of 1 041 for the area.

Pero also informed the meeting of what the percentage of members was for each street in the area. This schedule is attached for easy reference.

The Financial Statements were accepted, the auditors’ remuneration approved and Jan Erasmus auditors appointed as auditors for the ensuing year.

8.  Election of  Directors

As mentioned earlier, all of the directors would be retiring. The following persons were nominated for the ensuing year:

Stefan van der Walt

Johan Swemmer

Basie Prinsloo

Elenor Sisulu

Sharon Cooke

All the above nominations were approved and accepted.

9. General

9.1 Security Report

John Grant of Zambli briefly discussed the security situation. On average, the patrol vehicle does 180 km per 24 hour cycle which is quite a distance but, ours being a large area, it obviously cannot be everywhere at the same time. We will be deploying additional guards during the World cup and would like to put more guards on the ground permanently (afoot or on bicycles). Some crime statistics were mentioned and members again cautioned against leaving valuables in clear sight in vehicles.

Zambli would be implementing a new reporting system in the ensuing week whereby all incidents reported would be entered on a crime sheet—he also urged members to report all suspicious behavior and incidents.

Zambli have 3 vehicles in the area of which the armed response vehicle, due to the   insufficient number of alarms being monitored in the area, cannot be dedicated to the area.

9.2 Vehicle stickers

The new, reflective discs were available at the meeting. They are to be affixed to the right hand side of the vehicle’s windscreen. Each member would receive 2 discs and additional discs could be obtained in due course once received from the printers.

9.3 N1 road situation

Louw Kannemeyer of SANRAL outlined the progress regarding the road works. From 9 July they had to be offsite until the end of the WC on 13 July. The fence erected was not a security fence, but purely a noise wall and therefore would not extend the full length of the N1 up to Kings Highway. The Lynnwood clover would be quite a complicated one.

9.4 Lynnwood Residents Association (LRA)

Johann Stimie underscored the cooperation between the LCA and the LRA. The latter is a classic ratepayers association and where the accent for the current year was on the development of a UDP (Urban Development Plan) for Lynnwood—South as well as North.

As regards security matters, the LRA relies heavily on the LCA for the Lynnwood North area.

Johann mentioned that regarding traffic calming (TC), the LRA was in discussions with the City Council and was looking especially at Kings Highway in this regard.

10. Questions

10.1 Since the closure of Lynnwood Estate, there has been a noticeable increase in traffic in Queens Crescent, which indicates a need for TC there as well. (Response: the LCA and LRA must look at this together).

10.2 There is increasing risk regarding areas adjoining park areas (Response: this is an ongoing problem, and not an easy one, with the metro not discharging its duties adequately in this regard. The LRA is addressing this).

10.3 How many additional members would be required to warrant a second patrol vehicle? (Response: Johnny Grant will investigate and report back.

11. Thanks and closure

Koos thanked the various speakers and the audience for their attendance and participation.

The meeting adjourned at 20:50

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