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The Lynnwood Community Association (LCA) is a non-profit company, which was established in February 2007 due to the extremely high levels of crimes being perpetrated in the Lynnwood North area on a daily basis. The LCA is a community security initiative founded by the residents to manage the crime and security in the suburb.  The activities of the LCA since inception have no doubt contributed largely to the relatively low incidence of crime in Sector 1—the Lynnwood North area. It is the sector in the Brooklyn Policing Precinct with the constantly lowest level of crime of all the areas.  LCA also works closely with Lynnwood Residents’ Association (LRA) and Community Police Forum (CPF) to make Lynnwood North safe. Members’ properties are identified with a LCA board.


LCA pays a contracted security service provider to provide the following:

  1. Boom off and guard all five entrances daily from 18:00 – 06:00.
  2. The most advanced Digital Video Recording Cameras at each entrance.  This equipment has the ability to record around the clock activity.  The recorded material  can be kept for up to 48 hours and downloaded for investigation and use in the event of an incident.
  3. One 24/7 roving vehicle with armed security personnel .
  4. A designated control room which is staffed 24/7 with well trained personnel who are also in direct contact with the local Police and other security companies operating in the area.


  1. As a result of the LCA security initiative, Lynnwood North has become a sought after suburb to buy in and properties here typically sell for 10% more than property in Lynnwood South. 80% of buyers want to buy in a security conscious area and are prepared to pay a premium for this.
  2. Of great relevance is that crime has been kept to a minimum and the suburb has the lowest criminal activity and incidents compared to its neighbours and other policing sectors.
  3. Residents and their families freely exercise/walk their pets/ride their bikes etc. with peace of mind and a sense of security.  A priceless benefit.


Lynnwood North households voluntarily contribute monthly towards the security initiative. Membership fee is R 415.00 per month.  LCA utilizes these funds to pay the security service provider and purchase and/or implement additional, updated security measures where resources allow for e.g. additional day-time security in the form of bicycle patrols over the festive season. Members have the option to pay with a monthly debit order or to make EFT payments.


The LCA committee is made up of residents of the community and they voluntarily manage the security initiative. A book-keeper is paid to administer the contributions by the members.


Interactive Security is currently the security provider for the LCA.


Contact Sharon Cooke 072 189 0333 / to request the relevant membership application forms.



Dear Lynnwood North Resident

Many people will probably be leaving for their annual holidays during the next few days, therefore, on behalf of the LCA directors, I would like to wish you all a pleasant holiday time and safe travels.

The Christmas period is one with a lot of potential for crime; what with many houses standing alone and criminals increasing their levels of activity over this time (they also do Christmas shopping). I would therefore like to reassure you that the LCA, together with Zambli, will be doing their utmost to ensure a crime-free Christmas period. Additionally, as we also did last year, we have contracted with Zambli for an additional patrolling day as well as night guard. The cost thereof will be borne by the LCA, with no additional charges to members (please tell non-members!), and I trust that this measure will provide further comfort to you.

And some more good news: the new LCA identification boards for members’ residences, sporting the new logo (and does it look good!), are ready and available. We would suggest two options in this regard, i.e.

  • Members wishing to collect and affix the boards themselves, can pick them up from Zambli by arranging this with the LCA control room on 0861 33 33 61. Please hand in your current LCA board, as this remains the property of the LCA.
  • We would like to point out that the boards are bigger than the current ones. They are made of chromadeck and probably not as easy and straightforward to affix as with the current boards. The LCA has therefore arranged with Zambli to affix the boards for those members not wanting or not being able to do it themselves. Please also arrange this with the control room. The boards will be placed in the same position as the current ones, unless you arrange specifically with Zambli to affix it in another place.

We will not be charging members for this service (after all, ‘tis the Christmas season) but residents wishing to make a nominal donation to Zambli, will not be turned away (Nominal? R 10? R 20? More? Your choice…..).

Lastly, I would again ask all residents to keep their eyes and ears open for all suspicious activities in our area. Our patrolling security guards would rather make an unnecessary trip than to let criminals get away!

I wish you all a blessed Christmas season and a very prosperous New Year.

Koos van As




Dear Lynnwood North Resident (Afrikaanse weergawe volgende berig)

As the poet had it, ‘Dit is die maand Oktober, die mooiste, mooiste maand’. Well, by the time you read this, the most beautiful month of the year has almost passed and we are into the home stretch marking the end of the year.

We would therefore like to bring your attention to a few important issues before the holiday season starts.

New logo

And the LCA is ending the year with a bang (rather us than the criminals!), not  least of which is the introduction of a new logo, as you can see above.

We had to change our previous logo as there was a dispute as to the copyright thereof and we then took the opportunity to develop one that all residents could relate to.

The Monkey Thorn (Acacia Galpinii) was chosen as a tree typically thriving in Lynnwood, thereby clearly linking it with the identity of the community in the area. Its thorns indicate the protection it provides against unwanted elements and the positioning of the LCA under its spreading crown, symbolises the protection the tree also provides against the elements. The bright green of the tree is a colour generally associated with growth and new life; equally the LCA aims to render to its members a ‘new life’ of peace of mind.

The LCA on the logo is in white, representing light, in contrast with the darkness of the criminal elements.

Bonding all of the above through the use of a strong, bold font, provides a logo with a powerful visual impact, portraying the core elements of the LCA: protection and peace of mind, as well as unity and solidarity within the Lynnwood community.

Members’ current identification boards will be replaced shortly with ones with the new logo. It must be stressed that the boards remain the property of the LCA and therefore only members’ residences will be identified. If a resident ceases to be a member of the LCA (heaven forbid!), we will arrange for the removal of the LCA board.

LCA website

In line with the new logo, we have improved our website, not the least of which is a simplified address: The new address is in use with immediate effect and you are welcome to browse the website as often as you like. There are interesting links, news and views and, of course, the daily Security Report, which informs residents about the security situation in the area, what is happening in the area and its environs and what to be on the look out for.

Lynnwood Estate

While the residents of this area (Flinders/Sappers Contour/Monica/Dawn) will be driving the closure thereof, the LCA supports the initiative insofar as they will be using the same service provider as us, namely Zambli, and the operation thereof will also be supported through the LCA structures i.e. radios, the control room and patrol vehicle. It will also have the added advantage that one entrance to Lynnwood North will be closed, leaving only five to concentrate on in future.

Talk about a win-win situation!

N1 Highway

You will probably have noticed that alongside the N1, which forms the eastern boundary of the Lynnwood Estate area, a major wall is being constructed which will substantially reduce the influx of unwanted elements into Lynnwood North.

However, there will be a portion along the highway where there will be no wall and that is something that we will have to address very soon.

Om de Berg closed area

Another positive development is that this area has decided to switch to Zambli as their service provider and where, again, as with Lynnwood Estate, the LCA will provide the support structure. This strengthens both the LCA and Zambli and brings Lynwood North closer to a one-stop security arrangement, which is beneficial to all residents as more guards are deployed and our visibility in the area is improved.

We would like to welcome the Om de Berg residents into our fold and thank their chairman, John Stanbury, for initiating the move. (Message to non-LCA residents: Om de Berg thoroughly evaluated the alternatives and easily came to their decision—surely that tells a story?!)

VAT registration

We recently had to register for VAT, which process has now been completed.

We do not envisage any major influence on our finances as Zambli is also a VAT vendor and we will be able to claim the VAT back.

Increase in crime

There has been a marked increase in crime in our surrounding neighbourhoods and we would ignore it at our peril. We think that we have been largely spared the effects thereof as a result of our well-functioning system but we must all heed the signs, be ever prepared and, as soon as our finances permit, introduce the necessary steps to strengthen our security measures.


You might be aware of the Annual General Meeting of the LRA (Lynnwood Residents Association) that was held recently. There is still some confusion between the activities of the LRA and the LCA. On our website, there is a link to the LRA where you can see clearly how it operates. At this stage, suffice it to say that the LRA is a body aiming to ensure the orderly development of Lynnwood with regard to property developments and service delivery.

On the LRA link, you can also find a handy list of contact details for municipal services.


ARM is the reactive security service offered through Zambli to members at a special price. So far, we have had quite a number of residents joining, which we welcome, as we believe that it can only strengthen our efforts in the community if there is ‘one-stop shopping’. It strengthens our security provider, whereby it strengthens the LCA, and obviously it then strengthens the community in its fight against crime.

We have had quite positive feedback from ARM clients, which we would like to share with you:

Our home in Queen’s Crescent was burgled last Wednesday afternoon, as mentioned in the security report of 11 September on the LCA website.

However, I have emerged from the experience in a positive frame of mind. The immediate response from Zambli, ADT and the police was prompt and professional. I am deeply grateful for the subsequent support we received over the next day from Johnny Grant and Salim (of Zambli) in particular, and from neighbours and individual, caring members of the LCA committee. It really did make all the difference to know that we were not isolated, but that the community was rallying behind us. I am now more convinced than ever of the value of belonging to the LCA and for the need for a wider community support for this initiative. Krystyna Smith

Ons het gister n funksie by die huis gehad en daar was verskeie motors wat noodgedwonge buite moes staan. Ek het LCA / Zambli versoek om n ogie te hou.

Die doel van hierdie skrywe is om dankie te se dat ons en ons gaste gerus kon wees. Die patrollievoertuig is gereeld gesien. Dit word waardeer. Dankie.

Tinus Kleingeld     Monicaweg

I changed to ARM at the beginning of October. Not only was I very impressed with the speed and professionalism with which the new radio was installed,  I discovered that Johnny Grant and some of his employees have a very good working practical knowledge of how alarm systems work—which can help considerably in an emergency situation when there is a problem with your system and a technician is not immediately available.

It is also very gratifying when you call their ops centre (or when théy call you) to be able to talk to people you know, such as Catrien or Esmé, or to have Gerrie, Salim or Johan call on you in the patrol vehicle. We have built up a good personal relationship with these people and Johnny Grant which you just cannot have with the other impersonal companies. And their speed of response is excellent! Tertius du Plessis, Rosemary Rd.

Remember: ARM and Zambli are from the community, for the community.

Radio network

A two-way radio network has been tested and is operational. It provides communication over the whole Lynnwood area and beyond and tests conducted have been very positive. It is available at a very reasonable cost of between R 1200 and R 3000 per radio set (depending on the model and its features) plus R 25 per month and an annual licencing fee of R 96.

Residents who are interested can liaise with Zambli for further information.

Security over the holiday period

As with previous years, the LCA has arranged for additional guards to patrol the area during the holiday period. We are sure that this will provide members with some much-needed peace of mind during their absence!

Members are also requested to ensure that their alarms are attended to when they are away as not only is it very disturbing to have an alarm ringing constantly but it is also not conducive for proper security. Please also ensure that mail and newspapers are collected daily as failure to do this is a sure sign of the residents being away.

Dear members,

We are convinced that based on results i.e. the low crime figures in our area, our system is working and I would therefore like to thank all our loyal members and express the hope that in the new year we will be able to increase our membership so that we can afford to introduce all the improvements we desperately need.

I would also want to make an appeal to all members to help recruit new members and to all non-members also reading this communiqué, to please join the LCA to make Lynnwood North an even safer area and to strengthen our efforts and finances. At the end of the day it is the money we have in the bank that determines how much we can do!

Kind regards and a blessed holiday period to all of you.

Koos van As



Beste Lynnwood Noord  Inwoner

Soos C Louis Leipoldt dit so mooi gestel het: ‘Dit is die maand Oktober, die mooiste, mooiste maand’. Teen die tyd dat u hierdie lees, is die mooiste maand al byna agter die rug en is ons in die laaste pylvak van die jaar.

Ons wil dus graag ‘n paar belangrike sake onder u aandag bring voordat ons die vakansieseisoen betree.

Nuwe Embleem

Die LCA sien die oujaar uit met ‘n gejuig (eerder ons as die misdadigers!) waarvan die nuwe embleem (sien hierbo) maar net een voorbeeld is.

Na aanleiding van ‘n geskil oor die kopiereg van ons vorige embleem, het ons besluit om van die geleentheid gebruik te maak om ‘n spik-splinternuwe embleem  te ontwikkel waarmee ons inwoners hulle kan vereenselwig.

Die Apiesdoring (Acacia Galpinii), wat baie tipies is van ons woongebied en trots in baie van ons Lynnwood inwoners se erwe pryk, is gekies. Die dorings simboliseer die beskerming teen ongewensde indringers en die LCA staan onder sy uitgebreide kroon, wat beskerming bied teen die elemente.  Die helder groen kleur van die boom word geassosieer met groei en nuwe lewe; insgelyks beoog die LCA om aan sy lede ‘n nuwe lewe van gemoedsrus te bied.

Die LCA op die embleem is in wit, wat lig simboliseer, in teenstelling met die duisternis van die onderwêreld van misdaad.  Deur gebuik te maak van ‘n sterk lettertipe wat die elemente in die embleem saamvat,  verkry ons ‘n kragtige visuele impak wat die sleutelelemente van die LCA uitbeeld: beskerming en gemoedsrus, sowel as eenheid en eendrag in die gemeenskap van Lynnwood.

Die huidige borde waaraan LCA lede uitgeken kan word, sal binnekort vervang word met nuwes waarop die nuwe embleem verskyn.  Ons wil dit sterk beklemtoon dat die borde die eiendom van LCA bly en dat slegs lede so ‘n bord sal ontvang sodat hulle eiendomme duidelik gemerk is en uitgeken kan word.  Sou ‘n lid bedank, sal die bord  uiteraard verwyder word.

LCA webtuiste

Ons webtuiste is op datum gebring en belyn met die nuwe embleem.  Boonop het ons ‘n nuwe, eenvoudige webadres: .  Die nuwe adres is dadelik van krag en ons ons nooi u hartlik uit om die webtuiste na hartelus te gaan verken.  Daar is interessante skakels, nuus en, natuurlik, die daaglikse Veiligheidsverslag, wat inwoners ingelig hou oor sake rakende die veiligheidsituasie in die area en omgewing  waarvoor om versigtig en op die uitkyk te wees endiesmeer.

Lynnwood Estate

Die inwoners van hierdie gebied (Flinders/Sappers Contour/Monica/Dawn) beur voort om die area afgesper te kry.  Die LCA ondersteun hierdie inisiatief heelhartig in sover ons van dieselfde diensverskaffer gebruik sal maak naamlik Zambli.  Die uitvoering van hulle veiligheidsisteem sal ondersteun word deur die LCA se strukture: radio’s, die beheerkamer en patrollievoertuig.   Dit hou ook die bykomende voordeel in dat een van ons ingange na Lynnwood Noord nou gesluit gaan word en ons in die toekoms net vyf ingange sal hê om op te fokus.  Praat van ‘n wen-wen situasie!

N1 Snelweg

U sou dalk reeds opgemerk het dat daar ‘n reuse muur al langs die N1 wat die Oostelike grens van Lynnwood Noord vorm, opgerig word.  Hierdie muur sal ‘n wesenlike bydrae lewer om ongewensde elemente uit die area te hou.  Daar is steeds ‘n gedeelte langs die snelweg waar daar geen muur sal wees nie en ons sal dit baie binnekort moet aanspreek.

Om de Berg geslote area

Nog ‘n positiewe wending is dat hierdie area besluit het om ook na Zambli as hulle diensverskaffer  oor te skakel en dat, net soos in die geval van Lynnwood Estate, LCA ook hier die ondersteuningstruktuur sal verskaf.  Dit versterk beide LCA en Zambli en bring Lynwood Noord nader aan die beoogde een-stop veiligheidsooreenkoms, wat voordelig is vir alle inwoners omdat meer wagte ontplooi en sigbaarheid so in die omgewing verhoog word

Ons verwelkom die Om de Berg inwoners in ons midde en bedank hulle voorsitter, John Stanbury, vir sy inisiatief in hierdie saak. (Boodskap aan inwoners wat nie lede van LCA is nie: Om de Berg het die alternatiewe deeglik bestudeer en opgeweeg en maklik tot hulle besluit gekom – dit vertel seker ‘n storie op sigself?!)

BTW registrasie

Ons moes onlangs vir BTW registreer en die proses is nou voltooi.

Ons voorsien nie enige daadwerklike invloed hiervan op ons finansies nie aangesien Zambli ook vir BTW geregistreer is en ons die BTW kan terugeis.

Toename in Misdaad

Daar is ‘n aansienlike toename in misdaad in ons omliggende woongebiede en ons kan kies om dit tot ons moontlike nadeel te ignoreer. Ons is van mening dat ons tot dusver die gevolge hiervan gespaar gebly het weens ons veiligheidsisteem wat goed funksioneer maar ons moet die gevaartekens in ag neem en, so gou ons finansies dit toelaat, pro-aktief ons veiligheidsmaatreëls verskerp.


U sal dalk kennis dra van die algemene Jaarvergadering van die  LIV (Lynnwood Inwonersvereniging) wat onlangs gehou is. Daars heers steeds verwarring oor die aktiwiteite van die LIV en die LCA. Op ons webtuiste is daar ‘n skakel na die LIV waar u duidelik kan sien hoe dit werk.  Op hierdie stadium is dit voldoende om te sê dat die LIV ‘n liggaam is wat daarop gerig is om die  ordelike ontwikkeling van  Lynnwood, met betrekking tot eiendomsontwikkeling en dienslewering, te bevorder.

U sal ook op die skakel ‘n handige lys van Munisipale kontakbesonderhede t.o.v. diensleweringsaangeleenthede vind.


ARM is die reaktiewe veilgheidsdiens wat deur Zambli teen ‘n spesiale tarief aan LCA lede beskikbaar gestel word.   Daar het sover ‘n hele aantal lede aangesluit, wat ons verwelkom, omdat ons oortuig is dat ‘n dit ons pogings tot ‘n een-stop-diens versterk.  Dit versterk die arm van ons diensverskaffer, wat die LCA verder bemagtig, en uiteraard word die gemeenskap versterk in sy stryd om misdaad te bekamp.   Ons het positiewe terugvoer van ‘n paar lede van ARM ontvang, waarvan ons graag ‘n paar met u deel:

“Our home in Queen’s Crescent was burgled last Wednesday afternoon, as mentioned in the security report of 11 September on the LCA website.

However, I have emerged from the experience in a positive frame of mind. The immediate response from Zambli, ADT and the police was prompt and professional. I am deeply grateful for the subsequent support we received over the next day from Johnny Grant and Salim (of Zambli) in particular, and from neighbours and individual, caring members of the LCA committee. It really did make all the difference to know that we were not isolated, but that the community was rallying behind us. I am now more convinced than ever of the value of belonging to the LCA and for the need for a wider community support for this initiative.” Krystyna Smith

“Ons het gister n funksie by die huis gehad en daar was verskeie motors wat noodgedwonge buite moes staan. Ek het LCA / Zambli versoek om n ogie te hou.

Die doel van hierdie skrywe is om dankie te se dat ons en ons gaste gerus kon wees. Die patrollievoertuig is gereeld gesien. Dit word waardeer. Dankie.”

Tinus Kleingeld  Monicaweg

“I changed to ARM at the beginning of October. Not only was I very impressed with the speed and professionalism with which the new radio was installed, but I discovered that Johnny Grant and some of his employees have a very good working practical knowledge of how alarm systems work—which can help considerably in an emergency situation when there is a problem with your system and a technician is not immediately available.

It is also very gratifying when you call their ops centre (or when théy call you) to be able to talk to people you know, such as Catrien or Esmé, or to have Gerrie, Salim or Johan call on you in the patrol vehicle. We have built up a good personal relationship with these people and Johnny Grant which you just cannot have with the other impersonal companies. And their speed of response is excellent!” Tertius du Plessis, Rosemary Rd.

Onthou: ARM & Zambli is van die gemeenskap, vir die gemeenskap.

Radio network

‘n Twee-rigting radionetwerk is getoets en reeds in werking. Dit verskaf kommunikasie oor die hele Lynnwood area en verder en toetse was baie positief. Dit is beskikbaar teen ‘n baie redelike koste van R 1200 tot R 3000 per radiostel (afhangende van die model en funksies daarvan) plus R 25 per maand en ‘n jaarlikse R 96 lisensiëringsfooi.

Inwoners wat belangstel, kan Zambli skakel vir meer inligting.

Sekuriteit oor die vakansietyd

Die LCA het weereens, soos vorige jare, gereël vir addisionale wagte om die area te patroller tydens die vakansietyd. Ons is seker dat dit u meer gemoedsrus sal verskef tydens u afwesigheid!

Lede word ook versoek om te verseker dat hulle reëlings tref dat na hulle alarms omgesien word tydens hulle afwesigheid. Alarms wat aanhoudend lui (skreeu!) is nie net hinderlik nie maar ook nie bevorderlik vir goeie sekuriteit nie. Maak ook asb seker dat koerante en pos afgehaal word: indien nie, is dit ‘n duidelike teken van afwesigheid en uitnodiging vir ‘n inbraak.

Geagte lede,

Ons is daarvan oortuig dat na aanleiding van die positiewe resultate insake lae misdaadsyfers in ons woongebied, ons sisteem tog werk  en ek betuig hiermee my dank aan al die getroue lede wat dit vir ons moontlik maak.  Ek spreek verder die hoop uit dat die nuwe jaar vir ons nuwe lede sal inhou sodat ons die verbeteringe wat ons dringend benodig, kan bekostig.

Ek wil ‘n spesiale versoek rig aan lede om te help om nuwe lede te werf en aan nie-lede wat hierdie kommunikasie lees, om tog by die LCA aan te sluit om Lynnwood Noord ‘n selfs veiliger omgewing te maak en ons aktiwiteite en finansies te versterk. Uiteindelik is dit ons finansiële posisie wat  bepaal wat ons kan doen—en daar is soveel wat ons nog kan doen!

Koos van As



Dear Lynnwood North resident.         (Afrikaanse weergawe onder aan)

Background Information – The Lynnwood Community Association ( the LCA)

The Lynnwood Community Association initiative was established as a consequence of a sharp increase in crime in the Lynnwood North area. At the time several families were attacked by one or more criminal gangs that operated on foot and with backpacks. The families who were victimised by these gangs were held hostage in their homes for several hours at the end of 2006.

These events prompted a number of residents to take the initiative of arranging a public meeting to call together the residents of the Lynnwood North area. Those of you who may have attended the meeting will recall that the meeting venue was filled to capacity with outraged residents. Residents expressed their grave concern about the unacceptably high level of crime and the South African Police Service’s clear inability to stem the wave of criminal activities within the area.

Many views from various speakers at the meeting were expressed, with one key issue, namely that the community had to stand up and take action in order to improve the situation. This resulted in the formation of the LCA, a section 21 company with the main objective of promoting, advancing and protecting the communal interest of its members situated in the Lynnwood North area.

The LCA in Action

Since inception, the LCA assumed responsibility for managing the security services in the area, which at present is outsourced to Zambli Security Services. Also, the LCA ensured better protection of the perimeter of the area by means of erecting boom gates at all entrances which serve as exit control points at night.

In addition, a fence was erected at the dead-end of Elizabeth Grove next to Lynnwood Road. The LCA also established a control room and has a clearly marked, dedicated vehicle patrolling the area on a 24/7 basis.

The LCA have had numerous successes that have led to a significant reduction in criminal activities within the Lynnwood North area.

The visibility of the LCA vehicle and that of Zambli Security Services, as well as the placement of night guards at the entrances to the area have contributed to various arrests being made, suspicious vehicles and persons being escorted out of the area and a much more pro-active approach towards safeguarding the residents and the area in general.

In this regard it is deemed appropriate to give the following example of the ‘LCA in action’:

On Wednesday, 20 May2009, at 01h00 a mob of criminals entered the area from the N1 highway (where parts of the fencing have been removed owing to the ongoing road works). The criminals overpowered two Mapogho guards on duty at the particular establishment, entered the building and proceeded to steal goods worth thousands of Rands. They also attempted to rob two other residences in the immediate vicinity. As a result of the quick response of Zambli Security Services, the group, consisting of at least 7 criminals, fled the area and no further damage was done.

These incidents prompted the LCA to appoint two extra guards to patrol the fence alongside the N1. The area is also more heavily patrolled by the LCA and Zambli Security Services vehicles. These pro-active steps have again significantly reduced criminal activities in this particular area alongside the N1highway.

The LCA can proudly state that crime within the Lynnwood area is the lowest of all areas in the Brooklyn Police precinct. During the last two years of the LCA’s existence no serious crime incident took place in the area

Ongoing vigilance is essential

Obviously the situation will never be static and consequently the LCA, in close co-operation with Zambli Security Services, constantly monitors crime and other factors that might impact on security within the area to ensure that pro-active action is taken where- and whenever necessary to ensure that the community, and the area, remain safe.


The LCA is funded by the community it serves. At present the monthly LCA fee amounts to R377,00. These fees are used solely to provide the security services as alluded to above and a small portion goes towards monthly administrative cost relating to the operation of the LCA.

Obviously the level of service that can be provided by the LCA is directly aligned to the fee income it receives, that is, if more paid-up residents join the initiative the total funding increases and so does the level of service and the initiatives that the LCA can take.

The unfortunate news, however, is that less than fifty percent (50%) of all households within the LCA area are currently contributing to the initiative. Consequently, the initiative is constantly under threat of becoming obsolete owing to insufficient funding.

This is of grave concern to the existing LCA members since the collapse of the LCA initiative will once again result in the area becoming crime-infested and unsafe for all residents. In fact, a lack of sufficient funding (owing to low member numbers) is the main reason why neither full -time guards (i.e. 24-hour guards at entrances to the area) nor ‘roaming’ guards can be placed in the area.

Surely all residents will agree that the thought of the area being roamed by criminals at night, and during the day is unbearable. Serious crimes like murder, armed robberies, burglaries and hi-jackings are common in un-protected areas (e.g. where no action is taken by residents) and the residents of Lynnwood should not allow their homes to become part of these statistics.

Additional funding will enable the LCA to expand its services to the community to further improve the safety of residents and hopefully ensure a crime-free area. Let us stand together and take back what is rightfully ours!

Special offer to Members

We have negotiated 2 special offerings for members of the LCA, designed to save money without sacrificing service.

These offers, which are entirely voluntary and non-obligatory, are detailed below.

Pro-active security

The LCA is a pro-active crime barrier that complements and enhances other security measures such as alarm systems and armed response units in preventing crime and to discourage criminals in entering such protected areas. At a reasonable fee the LCA initiative and actions enhance the security in the area and provides additional protection to residents and households.

The LCA initiative has proven to be very effective during the past two years and has shown that it is capable of protecting the area and providing a safe environment.

It is the responsibility of each resident in the Lynnwood North area to ensure the ongoing effective functioning of the LCA as part of our pro-active fight against crime. By joining the LCA initiative you can help to make it a force to be reckoned with.

Alarm monitoring and armed response service

As part of the services provided by the LCA, and in order to encourage residents to join the initiative, it has entered into a contract with ARM, an alarm monitoring and armed reaction unit affiliated with Zambli Security Services, to provide alarm monitoring and armed response services to LCA members at a monthly fee of R250,00. A once-off installation fee amounting to R750,00 is also payable to cover fitment costs in respect of the alarm monitoring device/radio to be installed at the residence to be monitored.

Alarm monitoring services by “ARM”

The LCA has done a comparative study and found the monthly fee of R250,00 to be approximately R150,00 lower (per month) compared to the average fee charged by other alarm monitoring and armed response service providers.

In addition, ARM indicated that new clients, who are also members of the LCA, would receive one month’s monitoring for free.

One of the key advantages of the service to be provided by ARM is that the monitoring vehicle/s will be dedicated to the Lynnwood North area. In addition, the LCA/Zambli Security Services vehicle would act as a secondary reaction vehicle within the area on a 24/7-basis.

The ARM service, in addition to the normal services by the LCA and Zambli Security Services would further enhance overall security within the area.

To switch over to the alarm monitoring and armed response service provided by ARM or for any further information regarding ARM, please contact Lynette Prinsloo at 084 579 5160.

“Miway” short-term insurance offer

The LCA, on behalf of the residents of Lynnwood has arranged with Miway, an insurance company focusing on the low risk, professional clients, to offer to LCA members short-term insurance at very competitive rates.

Miway, whose shareholders include, inter alia, Sanlam, Santam and PSG, has indicated its willingness to offer comprehensive short-term insurance, at competitive premiums, to members of LCA whose alarm system is also monitored by ARM.

Miway has also indicated that a “spotters-fee” amounting to one month’s premium payment will be credited against LCA members’ LCA accounts should they decide to accept the offer provided by Miway. This amount would effectively reduce LCA members’ fees payable for at least two months (or more depending on the actual Miway premium amount applicable to the member).

To arrange for a short-term insurance quotation from Miway or for any further information regarding Miway and the services that they provide, please send an SMS to 31512 with the word “WEALTH” and a consultant will contact you.

Finally, the strength and effectiveness of the LCA are very much reliant on participation by residents in the Lynnwood North area. Also, the affordability of the initiative is determined by the number of members. So please join today!

To become a member of the LCA or to obtain further information regarding the LCA, please contact :      Janet de Gouveia at 072 1890 333.

Kind regards



Geagte Lynnwood Noord— inwoner

Agtergrond inligting –LCA

Die LCA is gestig as gevolg van ‘n skerp toename in geweld in die Lynnwood—Noord area.  In daardie tyd is verskeie gesinne aangeval deur een of meer bendes, wat te voet en met rugsakke te werk gegaan het.   Die slagoffers is in hul huise aangehou aan die einde van 2006.  Hierdie voorvalle het ‘n groep inwoners genoop om inisiatief te neem en ‘n openbare vergadering te reël om die inwoners van Lynnwood—Noord byeen te bring.  Diegene wat die vergadering bygewoon het, sal onthou dat die vergadering gekenmerk was deur woedende inwoners.  Inwoners het hul kommer uitgespreek oor die onaanvaarbare hoё vlak van geweld en die Suid—Afrika  Polisiediens se duidelike onvermoё om die golf van geweld in die area suksesvol te bekamp.

Verskeie lede van die vergadering het hul opinies gelug, met die klem hoofsaaklik op die kwessie dat die gemeenskap gemobiliseer moet word, en self iets aan die saak moet begin doen.  Dit het gelei tot die stigting van die LCA,  ‘n Artikel 21 maatskappy met die bevordering en beskerming van die gemeenskaplike belange van die lede gevestig in die Lynnwood—Noord area, as hoofdoel.

Die LCA in Aksie

Die LCA het vanuit die staanspoor verantwoordelikheid aanvaar vir die bestuur van sekuriteitsdienste in die area, en wat tans uitgekontrakteer word aan Zambli Sekuriteitsdienste.  Die LCA het die grense van die area beter beskerm deur toegangsbeheer in te stel, wat gedoen is deur versperrings op te stel by die toegange tot die area, asook deur ‘n heining op te rig by die dood-loop van Elizabeth Grove, langs Lynnwoodweg.  Die LCA het ook ‘n beheerkamer gevestig en het ‘n duidelik- gemerkte voertuig wat die area patrolleer 24/7.

Die LCA het tot dusver baie sukses gehad tov die afname van kriminele aktiwiteite in die Lynnwood— Noord area.

Die sigbaarheid van die LCA voertuig en van Zambli Sekuriteitsdienste, asook die plasing van die sekuriteitswagte by die ingange na die area, het bygedra tot menige arrestasies en die verwydering van verdagte voertuie asook verdagte persone wat uit die gebied begelei is.  Dié pro-aktiewe optrede dra by tot die veiligheid van die inwoners van die gebied.

Die volgende dien as voorbeeld van die LCA in aksie:

Op Woensdag, 20 Mei 2009, het ‘n bende van ongeveer 7 misdadigers om 01:00 die Lynnwood— Noord gebied binnegekom vanaf die N1 snelweg (waar gedeeltes van die heining afgehaal is as gevolg van die padwerke).  Die oortreders het twee Mapogho wagte wat op diens was by die gebou oorrompel, en die gebou betree.  Hulle het toe voortgegaan om goedere ter waarde van duisende rande te steel.  Daarna het hulle gepoog om by twee huise in die omliggende area ook in te breek, maar as gevolg van die vinnige reaksie van Zambli, het die groep die area ontvlug, hul poging was gefnuik en geen verdere skade is aangerig nie.

Hierdie voorvalle het die LCA aangespoor om twee addisionele wagte aan te stel om die area langs die heining van die N1 te patrolleer.

Die LCA kan met trots sê dat die misdaadsyfer in die Lynnwood—Noord  gebied die laagste van al die areas onder die Brooklyn polisiestasie se verantwoordelikheid is.

Voortdurende waaksaamheid is noodsaaklik.

Uit die aard van die saak sal die situasie nooit staties wees nie, en dus sal die LCA, in noue samewerking met Zambli Sekuriteitsdienste, voortdurend die misdaad en ander faktore wat ‘n invloed op sekuriteit in die omgewing kan hê, monitor om te verseker dat met pro-aktiewe optrede, die gemeenskap en die area veilig bly.


Die LCA word befonds deur die inwoners van die area wat dit bedien.  Op die huidige stadium beloop die LCA se maandelikse fooi R377,00.  Hierdie fooi word hoofsaaklik aangewend vir sekuriteitsdienste soos hierbo beskryf, en slegs ‘n klein gedeelte word aangewend vir administrasie doeleindes.  Uiteraard is die kwaliteit van die sekuriteitsdienste regstreeks gekoppel aan die aantal inwoners wat die inisiatief van die LCA steun. Hoe meer inwoners dus bydra, hoe hoër die inkomste en hoe beter die gehalte van sekuriteit wat gebied kan word.  Ongelukkig steun minder as 50% van die inwoners die inisiatief, en is die voortbestaan van die LCA onder voortdurende druk as gevolg van die gebrek aan inkomste om die inisiatief voldoende te ondersteun.

Dit beteken dat indien die LCA sou ontbind, die vloed van geweld na die voorstoep van die area kan terugkeer, en die inwoners se veiligheid bedreig.  Hierdie tekort aan voldoende fondse, as gevolg van die min inwoners wat die initiatief ondersteun, is die rede waarom daar steeds nie voltydse wagte in die area (dws bedags ook), aangestel kan word nie.

Almal sal sekerlik saamstem dat die gedagte aan kriminele wat vryelik saans en bedags in die area rondbeweeg, ondenkbaar is.  Ernstige geweld soos moord, gewapende roof,  inbrake en motorkapings is algemeen in onbeskermde gebiede (waar geen aksie deur inwoners geneem word nie) en die inwoners van die Lynnwood gemeenskap moet nie toelaat dat hulle deel van die nasionale statistiek word nie.  Addisionele fondse sal die LCA in staat stel om die dienste wat reeds gelewer word, uit te brei om die veiligheid van die inwoners te verbeter en hopelik ‘n misdaad-vrye omgewing te maak.  Kom ons staan saam om terug te neem en te behou wat ons syne is!

Pro-Aktiewe Sekuriteit

Die LCA is ‘n pro-aktiewe misdaad versperring wat addisionele sekuriteitsmaatreёls, soos gewapende reaksie en alarmstelsels, komplementeer en versterk om misdadigers te ontmoedig om sulke beskermde areas te betree.  Die LCA bied teen ‘n uiters billike fooi beskerming en gemoedsrus aan die inwoners.

Die LCA inisiatief het, tot op hede, homself bewys as ‘n effektiewe manier van misdaad bekamping in die area om die omgewing veiliger te maak vir al die inwoners.

Dit is immers die verantwoordelikheid van elke inwoner van die Lynnwood—Noord area om die  voortdurende effektiwiteit van die LCA te verseker deur by die pro-aktiewe inisiatief van die LCA  aan te sluit en te verseker dat dit ‘n mag bly om mee te reken.

Spesiale aanbod aan lede

As deel van die dienste wat die LCA aanbied, en as aanmoediging om aan te sluit, het ons 2 spesiale aanbiedinge vir lede onderhandel. Hierdie aanbiedinge, wat heeltemal vrywillig is, het ten doel om lede geld te spaar sonder om dienslewering nadelig te affekteer en word hieronder uiteengesit.

Alarm kontrolering en gewapende reaksie

Eerstens het die LCA onderhandel met ARM, wat geaffilieer is by Zambli Sekuriteitsdienste, om  alarm kontrolering en gewapende reaksiedienste te verskaf aan LCA lede teen die spesiale bedrag van slegs R250.00 per maand, tesame met ‘n eenmalige fooi van R750.00 vir die installering van die alarm monitoringtoestel of radio.

‘n Vergelykende studie deur ons gedoen, het aangetoon dat die maandelikse fooi van R250.00 ongeveer R150.00 goedkoper is as ander soortgelyke dienste.  ARM het ook aangedui dat nuwe kliёnte, wat LCA lede is, sal een maand se dienste gratis ontvang.

Een van die groot voordele van hierdie reëling is dat ARM se   kontroleringsvoertuig uitsluitlik binne die Lynnwood—Noord area sal opereer, wat beteken dat dit sekondêre patrolleringsondersteuning in die gebied op ‘n 24/7 basis sal bied.

Die ARM, in samewerking met die normale dienste verskaf deur die LCA/Zambli, sal dus die sekuriteit in die area  verder verbeter.

“Miway” kort termyn versekeringsaanbod

Tweedens het die LCA met Miway (‘n versekeringsmaatskappy wat hoofsaaklik lae risiko, professionele lede  teiken) gereël om aan LCA lede wie se alarm stelsels deur ARM gemonitor word,

omvattende versekering teen ‘n kompeterende tarief aan te bied.

Miway, wat besit word deur aandeelhouers soos Santam, Sanlam en PSG, het aangedui dat ‘n verwysingsfooi gelykstaande aan een maand se premie sal teen die lede se LCA rekening gekrediteer word, indien hulle die Miway aanbod aanvaar.

Vir verdere inligting, verwys asb na die Miway pamflet, wat hierby aangeheg is.

Om oor te skakel na die alarm kontrolering en gewapende reaksiedienste van ARM, of virenige verdere inligting in verband met ARM, kontak gerus vir Lynnette Prinsloo op 084 579 5159.

Om ‘n kort termyn versekeringskwotasie van Miway te ontvang, stuur ‘n SMS na die nommer wat op die Miway pamflet voorsien word.

Laastens, die krag en effektiwiteit van die LCA rus op die deelname van die inwoners van die Lynnwood—Noord area.  Die koste van die inisiatief word ook bepaal deur die aantal lede.

Sluit vandag aan!!!

Vriendelike groete


News Letter 8 May 2009

Dear Lynnwood North Residents,

The LCA Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday May 6 and in spite of the inclement weather we had a sufficient turnout (60 eligible voting members attended together with 50 proxies) to ensure a quorum.  Three non-members also attended as well as numerous spouses of members. My sincere thanks to everyone who attended or went to the trouble to send in their proxies.  

The minutes of the AGM will be posted on the website during the course of next week but let me in the meantime highlight a few of the most pertinent issues—

  • The previous directors were re-elected together with one additional director, Johan Neethling, of 414 Rosemary Avenue. I would like to thank the ‘old’ directors for their efforts during the last year and also welcome Johan. For my sins I was re-elected as chairman.
  • While our financial situation remains quite sound, we are not growing our membership and therefore cannot at this stage consider major expansions, such as day guards. A number of members expressed their concern that so many residents do not want to participate in our initiative to make—or rather continue making—Lynnwood a safe area. I therefore again appealed to all members to persuade their non-member residents to also join.
  • Quite a number of suggestions were made regarding marketing initiatives and which will be considered by us as a priority. We will keep all informed of our marketing actions and trust that we will have the support of all members therein. The involvement of our members is appreciated and all proposals are welcomed.
  • Members were appreciative of the efforts of the LCA and felt that the service had improved noticeably since the changes that were rung in during the past financial year. We want to continue improving the standard of the guards at the entrances and are also working on an integrated security offering i.e. a proactive as well as reactive system, at a lower combined cost— one-stop security!
  • Some members indicated that they were voluntarily going to increase their subscription to R450 so passionate were they to make Lynnwood North a safer suburb!  Please contact Janet if you can also financially further assist.
  • Our area remains the safest in the Brooklyn Policing Precinct. Residents were reminded that they are the eyes and ears of our initiative and of the area and to report all suspicious activities to the Zambli control room or patrol vehicle. The numbers are 0861 33 33 61 and 082 455 1057.
  • Emergency numbers, additional to the 10111 national number, were given out at the meeting. These are 24/7 numbers of the Brooklyn Police station and are—(012) 366 1735/6/7.

This news letter is being translated into Afrikaans and will be available shortly.

Kind regards

Koos van As

PS—Could I make an appeal to members to PLEASE assist and make a few copies of this message and drop it in your neighbors post box who do not have a LCA board at their entrance.    First prize will also be if you could forward to LCA their street number, surname, cell phone and email address.  We do not have 244 of the residents’ email addresses of which 30 are members and received their letter physically in their post box. We also no not have the cell phone number of 173 residents.  THE LCA DATABASE is treated as CONFIDENTIAL!

Security reports are captured on the LCA Website every day:

News Letter 14 March 2009

Kindly scroll down for Afrikaans version and other articles

Beweeg pyltjie onder toe vir Afrikaanse weergawe en ander artikels

To all Residents/Members

Concerning the communication we had from some members we wish to report that we have established that the company that operated in the area is called “Reflective Numbering”. All our attempts to communicate with them were unsuccessful. What we did establish is that the company did not get the info from the CPF (as they stated to some members ). Apart from the fact that the CPF do not have access to this info they were quite upset when they learnt that their name was illegally used. It also appears that anybody can access this kind of info from the White Pages. Although we couldn’t establish where the mentioned company got the residents’ information it is clear that they most definitely did not get the info from LCA or any of its service providers. We are confident that we have the necessary safeguards in place to protect the confidential information of members and residents. We wish to thank all the residents that responded to our communiqué. Without your help we would not have been able to get to the bottom of this.

Please note that the LCA now has its own website. Please make the effort to visit the website at   and give us feedback on your experience. You will find interesting information on the site for instance a daily security report that will be posted by Zambli, our security provider, reporting after each 24 hour cycle. You will also find a blog where you will be able to leave short messages.  We wish to make the site as user friendly as possible and believe that we can use it as a handy tool to improve the security in our area. Any positive feedback will be welcome!!

We are pleased to announce that we managed to obtain the permission of the owner of the Shell garage and Shell, South Africa, to proceed with the closing of the back entrance of the garage at night. We wish to thank the owner Mr.Rea for his kind co-operation and urge you to support the garage. The boom should be up shortly.

Kindly note that we at the LCA and more specifically Zambli rely on all residents to be our eyes and ears. In order for us to operate effectively we need you to report all suspicious activity in the area. Also report all crime that you are aware of in the area. This will enable us to establish the modus operandi of criminals and act pro actively.

Kindly also assist the management of Zambli by immediately reporting slow and ineffective service by the guards at the gates. Kindly also report good service to enable Zambli to monitor the standard of service and give praise where it is deserved. It is important that we keep the guards on their toes at all times and your input will assist us greatly. At the same time we request you and your guests to treat the guards with respect and dignity. We still get a lot of complaints on a regular basis of people, very often under the influence of alcohol, swearing at the guards, being aggressive and damaging the booms. We as a community should not tolerate this kind of behaviour!!

We are pleased to announce that statistics show that crime is down in the area and we believe that we are on the right track. We still have a security problem around the perimeters of the area. We have found that criminals use the N1 to enter the area. Although the situation has improved drastically since the removal of the footbridge over the highway, this still seems to be a problem. We are also vulnerable in certain areas along Lynnwood road. Some members have made enquiries concerning these areas and we advise that neither the LCA nor Streetsafe has approached the City Council in the past requesting the erection of fencing along this area. We will discuss this issue at the next directors meeting and will report back to you in due course.

The LCA is very satisfied with the service of Zambli. The patrol vehicle used in the area should be marked with clear and visible signage in the next week or two. The drivers of the vehicle are Saliem and Gerrie (whom you all should know by now) and Andre Pretorius.  Gerrie will be accompanied by Christopher Makhovise. You are invited to make use of their services.

The LCA first debit order run was a great success. Unfortunately the run was later than we anticipated due to delays at the bank. The next run, however, will be made on the 1st of April 2009. We request those members that have signed debit orders to ensure that they have money in their account as the LCA is levied with a fee of R40,00 for each debit order rejected. To those members that are paying cash or by EFT please ensure that payment is made to LCA’s new bank account. The account particulars are;

Standard Bank, Hatfield Branch 011 545 account number 011949619.

All enquiries concerning administration matters must be addressed to Janet at 072 1890 333.

We have had some problems in the last month with the emergency number not working due to problems at Telkom and we now also have an emergency cell phone number. The emergency numbers are:

                             0861 3333 61                 and            082 5507 215.

Kindly ensure that you and all members and your staff have these numbers stored on their phones.

We once again thank all members for their financial support. We also thank all members for their words of encouragement and positive contribution.

On behalf of the LCA



Aan alle Inwoners/Lede 

Met betrekking tot die onlangse kommunikasie wat ons van sekere lede ontvang het kan ons berig dat die besigheid wat in die gebied probeer sake doen het “Reflective Numbering” is. Alle pogings om met die besigheid te kommunikeer was onsuksesvol. Ons het wel vasgestel dat die besigheid nie die kontakbesonderhede van inwoners bekom het van die Gemeenskaps Polisierings Forum soos deur hulle beweer is nie. Benewens die feit dat die GPF nie toegang het tot die inligting nie was hulle baie ontsteld om te verneem dat hulle naam onregmatig gebruik is. Die inligting is in elk geval vrylik beskikbaar op die Wit Bladsye. Alhoewel  ons nie kon vasstel waar die besigheid hulle inligting bekom het nie is dit duidelik dat dit nie verkry is van die LCA of enige van die diensverskaffers nie. Ons is tevrede dat ons die nodige strukture in plek het om die vertroulikheid van lede en inwoners se besonderhede te beskerm. Ons is baie dankbaar teenoor die inwoners wat onmiddelik gereageer het op ons kommunikasie. Sonder julle hulp sou ons nie agter die kap van die byl kon kom nie.

Ons is baie opgewonde om julle in te lig dat ons nou ons eie webwerf het. Doen asseblief die moeite om die webwerf te besoek by en gee asb terugvoer oor julle ondervinding. Daar is allerlei interessante inligting op die webwerf bv.’n daaglikse sekuriteitsverslag van Zambli wat ons sekuriteit verskaf. U sal ook ‘n “blog” vind waar u kort boodskappe kan laat. Ons wil graag die webwerf so gebruikersvriendelik as moontlik maak en glo dat ons dit as ‘n handige instrument kan gebruik om sekuriteit in die gebied te verbeter. Julle positiewe kommentaar sal waardeer word.

Ons is ook verheug om mee  te deel dat ons uiteindelik die toestemming van die eienaar van die Shell garage en Shell,SA gekry het om die agterste uitgang van die motorhawe saans toe te maak. Ons hartlike dank aan Mnr Rea, die eienaar. Steun asseblief die motorhawe. Die valhek behoort binnekort op te wees.

Neem asseblief kennis dat die LCA en Zambli staatmaak op inligting van die gemeenskap. Die gemeenskap is ons oë en ore en  alle inligting is van kardinale belang. Rapporteer derhalwe enige verdagte optrede sowel as enige misdaad waarvan u weet. Dit stel ons ook in staat om pro-aktief op te tree.

U word ook versoek om stadige en oneffektiewe diens deur die wagte by die hekke onmiddelik te rapporteer. Rapporteer ook alle goeie diens sodat daar verdienstelik geprys kan word. Dit is baie belangrik dat die wagte deurgaans op hulle tone gehou word en u insette sal help dat die standaard van diens te alle tye op ‘n aanvaarbare vlak is. Ons versoek terselfdertyd dat u en u gaste die wagte met menslikheid en respek hanteer. Ons kry steeds baie klagtes van mense wat op die wagte skel, aggressief optree en die valhekke beskadig. Hierdie optrede kan nie in ons gemeenskap geduld word nie!!

Ons is verheug om te kan vermeld dat die statistieke toon dat misdaad in ons gebied afgeneem het en ons glo dat ons op die regte pad is. Ons het egter steeds ‘n sekuriteitsprobleem rondom die grense van die gebied. Daar is steeds kriminele wat die gebied binnekom vanaf die snelweg. Alhoewel die situasie baie verbeter het vandat die voetbrug oor die snelweg verwyder is,bly dit ‘n probleem. Ons het ook ‘n probleem met sekere oop areas teenaan Lynnwoodweg. In sover die navraag van sekere inwoners mbt die aspek  aanbetref kan ons berig dat nie ons, of Streetsafe, die sluiting van hierdie areas aangeroer het met die Stadsraad nie. Ons sal hierdie aspek bespreek by die volgende direkteursvergadering en later weer terugvoer gee.

Die LCA is baie tevrede met die diens van Zambli. Die patrolliemotor in die gebied sal binnekort gemerk word met duidelike sigbare kentekens. Die bestuurders van die voertuig is die ou bekendes, Saliem en Gerrie en Andre Pretorius. Gerrie sal vergesel word deur Christopher Makhovise. U word uitgenooi om van hulle dienste gebruik te maak.

Die eerste debietorderlopie van die LCA was ‘n groot sukses. Die eerste lopie het later plaasgevind as beplan weens vertragings by die bank. Die volgende lopie sal stiptelik plaasvind op 1 April 2009. Ons versoek die lede wat debietorders onderteken het om seker te maak dat daar geld in die rekening is aangesien die bank ‘n fooi hef van R40,00 op elke debietorder wat teruggestuur word. Aan almal wat kontant, of by wyse van elektroniese oorplasing betaal, maak asseblief seker dat dit in die regte rekening gedoen word. Die rekeningbesonderhede is:

Standard Bank, Hatfield tak 011 545 rek nr 011949619.

Alle navrae insake administrasie moet gerig word aan Janet by 072 1890 333.

Aangesien ons probleme gedurende die laaste maand met die gewone noodnommer gehad het agv Telkom het ons besluit om ook ‘n sel nommer te kry. U kan dus enige van die volgende nommers skakel in geval van nood:

                                                0861 3333 61                en                   082 5507 215 

Maak asseblief seker dat u en al die lede van u huishouding en u personeel die nommers gestoor het.

Ons bedank weereens alle lede vir hulle getroue finansiële bydrae. Ons bedank ook alle lede vir hulle woorde van bemoediging en positiewe bydrae.              

Namens die LCA

News Letter 27 February 2009


Dear Lynnwood North Resident


As we advised you in our communication of 13th February, ZAMBLI SECURITY will from 1st March operate the LCA security control room as well as control the 24/7 patrolling vehicle services in our area.

We further now have pleasure in advising you that the control room will be located within Lynnwood North, at Sappers Contour 494B. With this, coupled therewith that Johnny Grant, the MD of Zambli, is also a local resident, and that the LCA now has its own bank account, with direct management over its administration, accounts and database, we have taken some major steps lately to enable us to better manage our own affairs and have better control over security measures in the area. We would ask for your understanding during the changeover period, should any glitches arise.

Please note that the Emergency contact no remains the same, viz 0861 33 33 61. As a back-up no, you can use 082 5507 215. The patrol vehicle will be a grey Fiat Strada, reg no VXX 412 GP and we will advise the names of the patrol officers shortly.

We are forwarding herewith for your perusal a report by Zambli, following their 2nd month of operation and which we trust you will find of value. From our perception, the Zambli partnership is working very well and it is comforting to be linked with an organization which has extra resources that can be deployed at short notice, should the need arise (you will see in the report what additional services they provided, at no extra cost).

You will note from the report that the crime rate during the day is rising (this trend is also confirmed by the SAPD) — this follows the withdrawal of the day guards necessitated by insufficient membership. The LCA initiative was originally based on 375 households out of a possible 645, but to date membership has remained very constant at around 300 households, although there has been an increase of late, with also former members who have rejoined following what we believe is an improvement in service. Late and defaulting on payments also make it extremely difficult for the LCA to settle its monthly contractual commitments. With more households joining, we would be able expand our pro-active activities (such as re-introducing daytime guards) and review levies. The LCA management all work on a voluntary basis and spend much time and of their own monies (telephone calls, internet time, paper, printers’ ink etc) and it would make their task so much lighter if dues were paid timeously and if more members could be enrolled. We would again make an appeal to all members to talk to their neighbors/non-members to join—it just isn’t fair that we have so many residents riding on our backs for free!

We really have a very good system in operation—where else do you have 24/7 security officers patrolling an area, checking on suspicious activities and persons, open gates and the like and that are available to react immediately an alarm is raised? And, where you can report suspicious activities to be investigate?. Over time, these officials have become good acquaintances of many residents and they often go beyond their normal stipulated functions to help residents. It is really a security initiative that goes far beyond any normal security company. You can liaise with the LCA office for the necessary forms.

Finally, we have had many enquiries regarding the Perimeter Fence and Entrance Project.

48 Members contributed R66 668, the largest portion of which was contributed by members who do not live on the perimeter.  Currently, this account reflects a balance of R2 169 with the balance of the funds which were spent on fencing off Elizabeth Grove, the entrance to the pedestrian bridge across the N1, securing the Dawn Street Park and providing for booms, barriers and lighting at the 6 entrances. Once the N1/Lynnwood flyover is completed, then the LCA will again address the N1 perimeter. The contractors will be building a wall along the N1 for a portion of the perimeter as a noise barrier and we want to ensure that we make use of the opportunity to enclose our Eastern border properly. The fencing of the Lynnwood road perimeter also remains a problem due to constraint of funding.

We trust that you have found this communiqué of value. We would want to endeavor to communicate with you on at least a monthly basis in future—we would welcome your thoughts hereon i.e. will this be sufficient/too much/too little? Please let us know as we want to strike the right communication balance!


Kind regards


Koos van As


News Letter 13 February 2009



Dear LCA Member,


After careful consideration, the LCA directors have decided to move the security control room and control over the patrolling vehicle services into the area, from where it will be operated by ZAMBLI SECURITY with Johnny Grant (072 512 8121), a local resident, at the helm.   This will be from 1st March, from which date LCA’s association with Streetsafe will also cease.

The security operational structure, including the Emergency Number 0861 33 33 61, remains as before.


Janet de Gouveia, an LCA member and also professional bookkeeper, has been appointed to manage LCA’s administration, accounts and database with effect from 16th February, 2009.            

Janet can be contacted on 072 1890 333




Current LCA debit orders will now be processed by Janet with first run on 2 March 2009 through Standard Bank, LCA’s newly appointed bankers.




With immediate effect all LCA payments (clearly referenced with LCA Number and Surname) must be paid on or before the 1st of each month to:

Lynnwood Community Association (LCA)

Standard Bank, Hatfield

Account Number:  011949619

Branch Number:   01 15 45

Please do not hesitate to contact LCA at the Administration number or e-mail address indicated above.   

Evan Franklin 082 555 9609 will be co-ordinating the process.


Koos van As, Chairman, LCA