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  1. Dear Nicolene,

    Unfortunately the LCA is unable to answer that question as we deal specifically with the security in the community. However, please contact Ms Ingrid Pieterse, chairlady of the Lynnwood Residents’ Association at, who will be able to assist you further in this regard.

    Best wishes,

    LCA Admin

  2. Billy and myself wish to thank you and your Committee for the work you have undertaken. Thank you for everything, it is highly appreciated. May you all have a Happy Xmas and a Happy New year.
    Billy and Yolisa

  3. Hi Marelize
    Dankie vir die e-mail wat U aan die LCA website gestuur het.

    Ons is bewus van die feit. Ons het ongelukkig nie geld op die oomblik vir n permanent wag nie.
    Volgens wet mag ons nie mense toegang tot die gebied weier nie, tensy dit natuurlik ooglopend iemand verdag is. Die beste bly maar vir ons inwoners om te probeer om self dit te keer, maar dit is nie altyd so maklik nie. Indien jy sou dink dat dit iemand verdag is, skakel gerus Zambli sodat hulle vinnig kan kom kyk.
    Maar ja, dit bly op die stadium n netelige saak. Indien die situasie erger word, sal ons defnitief n plan beraam om dit te stop.


    Johan Swemmer

  4. Hi. Ek sien deesdae al hoe meer voetgangers of mense op fietse wat by die Flinderstraat hek staan en wag todat ‘n kar in of uitry – hul gaan dan in die gebied in as die kar deurry.

  5. Dear Susan,

    Zambli Security has provided us with a comrehensive report regarding the Queens Crescent incidents as well as potential weaknesses in our security system. It is our intention to post the full report on the LCA webpage shortly for the benefit of all our members. In the meantime though, I’m sending an excerpt of the report in response to your comment.

    Zambli Report on the incidents in Queens Crescent:
    In the one case the criminals entered a premises climbing over a high wall and held a woman captive within the premises. The ZAMBLI vehicle patrolled past the premises more than once during the time of the incident. The street was clear and everything looked normal when the vehicle passed. This premises was not connected to a control room and we were only informed once we were phoned. The picture would have been different had we received a signal. The criminals did not pass through any of our access points. The conclusion is that after these incidents the criminals hid within the area until it was safe for them to leave.
    In one of the other incidents the victim had everything in place but his alarm system was disabled and no signal was sent to the control room.
    The capturing of two of the criminals behind the house break-in in Monica St on Wed, 12th Oct alerted us to where potential criminals could be entering, hiding and then exiting our suburb without being detected. This weak spot is on a home owners property and plans are afoot to improve security here.


    Unfortunately we live in a country where we can not fight crime by being passive and we have to become actively involved and be aware of our surroundings at all times.

    – Be vigilant and report suspicious people, vehicles, signs and strange behaviour to us immediately.
    – Criminals are experts in disguise. Do not accept that the builder’s vehicle parked on the pavement belongs to a builder. Report vehicles parked near your premises if you are unsure that they belong there.
    – Increase awareness amongst your domestic staff and gardeners and train them in identifying criminal activities. Make them aware of the possibility that criminals might approach them for information and what they should do. Assure them that they will remain anonymous should they provide information of criminal activities.
    – Get to know your neighbours. You will then know if there is something wrong.
    – Make sure you have the latest in alarm technology and that it works.
    – Make sure that you have an early warning system. We need to know before the criminal enters your house.
    – Make sure you use your alarm effectively. (Make sure your alarm is activated even when leaving your house for a few minutes). A house break-in can take a mere two minutes.
    – Make sure you do not enter your premises when there are suspicious people loitering around.
    – Install silent passive panic buttons (a panic button that you do not have to press).
    – In 90% of house break-ins the plasma or flat screen TV is taken. Place a silent passive panic button on the TV and the panic will be sent to us when the TV is removed whether you alarm is switched on or not. You can do the same with safe doors and other valuable items.
    – A person can do only that much and more than that you will have to rely on higher powers for protection.

    Best wishes,

    Sharon Cooke
    LCA Communications

  6. I noticed the two incidents in Queens Crescent during the past 2 weeks. It may be useful to have a bit more informations so that we can be alert. If possible we will appreciate if you can share such information.

  7. Dear Laura,

    Thank you for taking the time to send us your comments after the frightening incident at your dad’s place last week. Although it’s never pleasant to be the victim of an incident, we are relieved that your father is safe and that nothing more sinister occurred. As mentioned to you telephoncially, the LCA is constantly strtiving to expand the membership base so that our day-time securtiy can be increased and then hopefuly incidents of this nature will become a thing of the past.

    Thank you for your encouragement and support of our initative.

    Best wishes,

    Sharon Cooke
    LCA Communications

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