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Flinders – Monica – Sappers Contour 446 to 480 and Queens Crescent 458 to 476.

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For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact any of the below members:

Johan Swemmer: 082 490 0521
Madaleen Kelbrick 082 441 8407
Johan Kruger 082 458 3910
Hugo Olivier 082 7894071
Pero Roux 083 327 1588

For LCA: LCA admin: 072 1890 333 ; e-mail:;

Contact: Janet De Gouveia: WEB: http//

Please visit LCA website as they have kindly provided a link for Lynnwood Estate Security Village

2 thoughts on “Lynnwood Estate”

  1. Alan,

    The LCA is also of the opinion that a holistic approach taking into account the whole suburb or at least Lynnwood North would be better than the current situation. Unfortunately the City Council does not share this view and granted permission for the road closures in the Lynnwood Estate area (and The Farmers Folly area earlier). The LCA has to deal with the situation as it is. We considered the pros and cons of the planned road closure in the Lynnwood Estate area and we are of the view that it would be to the advantage of both the LCA and Lynnwood Estate that the security of the whole area (the current LCA area and Lynnwood Estate)be dealt with as one. This means that the same security provider will be employed for both areas and the admin will also be handled by the current LCA structures. This is subject to certain terms and conditions to ensure that the residents in both areas are given the same service without one benefiting more to the detriment of others. We believe that if the situation is managed correctly it will benefit all the residents. We believe that the proper closure of Lynnwood Estate will result in better security for the whole of the LCA area.

    Insofar as the CID is concerned the initiative was driven by AS Botha, a resident in the area. Due to the acrimonius response he got at the CID public meeting and the lack of commitment and support from the residents, he withdrew from the initiative. The result is that unless someone else takes over the initiative there will be no CID created in the area. From a practical point of view we also believe that the creation of a CID will result in a more lasting solution for the area. The good news, however, is that crime in the area is under control and we have no doubt whatsoever that we are on the right track. We still have a problem with lack of funding to address the increase of crime in daytime and need more residents to join the LCA. We thank you and all other members for their loyal support and value all input from members to help us improve security in the area.

    Koos van As

  2. It is alarming that Lynnwood is being carved up into several security enclaves with resticted access to other residents. A holistic approach is required which takes into account the suburb as a whole in order to preserve it’s character. If this venture goes ahead it will cause one to reconsider one’s continued membership of LCA. What has happened to the proposed CID which would address the suburb as a whole and not the vested interests of a particular sector at the expense of other residents

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