1 June 2010 Way Forward

From: Johan Swemmer [mailto:johan.swemmer@za.thalesgroup.com]
Sent: 01 June 2010 05:39 PM
Subject: Way forward: Lynnwood Estate

Dear Residents

First of all, many thanks to all those who attended last night, we were almost 100 residents with approximately 35 proxy’s received.

We are finalizing the minutes which will be distributed in due course.

Also, thank you for, what seemed to be, an unanimous support to continue with the efforts to secure our residential area.

One of the requirements for the continued closure of our area is that such enclosed areas have to submit a re-application every 2 years to the Tshwane City council.

The cost of such an application consists of professional fees and prescribed council fees.

The amount is very close to R 100 000-00! The council fees alone, if we submit before end June, is just below R 57 000-00. Thereafter there would be an unknown increase.

(as agreed at the meeting, audited financial statements will be circulated in due course. We also intend to try and identify those contributions that were made in the beginning)

For the next year, and the re-application, we are approximately R 88 000-00 short. This includes projecting the current R 100 pm contributions we are receiving.

Last night the meeting approved the following request to residents, to make up this short fall:

1)      First of all, a big thank you to those that have already contributed, both back in the beginning and also last year’s requested R 3000 contribution.

2)      Also, thank you for those members who are contributing the extra R 100 pm

3)      Thank you to Lynndawn for their contribution.

4)      Finally,that we ask another R 1000 contribution from residents to cover the short fall we are facing. (we estimated a combined contribution (initial and subsequent R 3000) of around 85 households)  _ THANK YOU to those who have already paid the R 1000!!

No one is forced to contribute, we cannot “do something” to make anyone contribute, but there was also a unanimous acceptance that our area is much safer, and a much improved area in terms of speeding traffic etc. In fact, at two recent Police feedback sessions, Brooklyn, Hatfield and Menlo Park crime statistics went up by 38%.  Lynnwood dropped. Secondly, in a confidential report, Pretoria East were shown as a “red” area in terms of crime, with two exceptions, Lynnwood North and Lynnwood South. This is what we are contributing towards.

We will give the consultant instruction to proceed with the Traffic count report that is a first requirement for the re-application.

Contribution can be made directly into our account:

Lynnwood Estate Security Village


Menlyn Square

Acc: 6202 843 0445

Please use street address /surname as reference.

Kind regards

Johan Swemmer

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