Lynnwood Estate AGM 2010

Lynnwood Estate Annual General Meeting  held on 31/5/2010 at the Trinity Church, Lynnwood.


A quorum was established.

1) Welcome and purpose

The chairperson welcomes everybody at the meeting. The main purpose of the meeting is to give feedback on the committees implementation on the mandate received at the previous meeting, to provide financial information of the LE and the agree the way forward. The past year was quite busy and we faced a lot of challenges. It wasn’t always easy, but in the end we achieved the objective to close our residential area.

2) The previous minutes was seconded and approved. Copies were provided to all attendees

3) Matters arising from previous minutes:

The Chairperson thanked everyone that made the financial contribution towards the project. Without these positive responses and contributions the closure of Lynnwood Estate wouldn’t have been possible.

Para 4.

We had a mandate for closure for a phase 1(which was to close the area with remote gates and booms at the main entrance).The quotes received were around R350 000 rand. An amount of R3000 per household was asked from every resident towards the project.

Para 5.

It was also agreed that LCA will continue to manage the operational part of monitoring the area, as well as the operation control of access.

Para 6.

Approximately 85 households contributed to the project out of about 150. Lynnwood 919 (complex) decided to join in as a unit and contributed R29 000 towards the project. We thank them for their positive response as well as all the people that contributed to making the project a success.

Para 7.

Contribution from the initial effort in 2001/2 was also used. These contributions remained in the estate account. We are in process to see how we can identify the names of the contributors, as it is very cumbersome and costly to do this.

Para 8.

It was also the objective to try to increase LCA membership numbers. This increase could have directly corresponded towards more guards. Guards are working well, although there were various concerns raised. We took note of these concerns and we need to provide Zambli with a detailed procedure of how we see the access control to be excecuted.

The project ran over the time limit, mainly due to rain delays. There are still some outstanding issues:

a) The Information boards on the gates with info like:

  • No tailgating,
  • heavy vehicles-to use main entrance,
  • no liability for LE(Lynnwood Estate),
  • emergency numbers, etc.

b) We already had to replace 3 gates at a cost of R8000 each, because of people tailgating-PLEASE DO NOT TAIL GATE!! We do have insurance, but too many claims will definitely lead to insurance denying claims or high premium increases. People responsible for gate damages will be held responsible for payment of damage! Be proud of ownership of gates and look after it with care!

Marketing and communication in 2009 was mainly done with through distribution of letters and since early 2010 we changed to e-mails. This seems to be working well

Para 9.

Committee members:

Herman Rolfes, Pero Roux and Gunther Holhz resigned during the year. A special thanks to Pero Roux who established the database for the distribution of remotes and tags.

Madeleen Kelbrick, Johan Kruger, Hugo Olivier and Johan Swemmer still on committee and are willing to continue to keep momentum going for another year.

4) Directors report

4.1) Chairperson report

Chairperson again thanked members for their contributions.

The closure was planned for Sappers Contour (permanent), Flinders and Dereksteeg (remote controlled access) and Queens the main entrance (with guarded booms). Information boards with emergency numbers etc will be erected at /on gates in near future.

Numerous complaints were received about remotes not working at Derek’s gate. We are in the process of replacing the receivers at Derek’s gate.

We have issued green stickers for business people working in this area, and guards are instructed to open gates for them.

LCA stickers are in printing process and will be distributed soon.

Crime statistics made known at recent SAPS meeting: Brooklyn, Menlo Park ,Hatfield-crime statistics have increased with 36 %. Lynnwood is the only area where crime has gone down. It seems that our area is doing something right.

Visitors and friends must please enter at Queens Crescent, please tell them not to tailgate. If residents see that gates are open, please contact LCA immediately.

The Road surface at Flinders island is part of new financial planning. It was not part of the first quote but the City council said it had to be done.

Thanks to committee members for time and effort with this closure project. People should that it is a community service being done in private time without reimbursement.

4.2) Financial report

Audited financial statements will be distributed as soon as it is completed.

First quote received for closure was R350 000.

Three tenders were received and evaluated, in the end Genius Technologies won the tender for R340 000.

  • R300 000 was paid for construction work.
  • Streetsafe managed the project.R30 000 were paid for managing process and to get City council approval for plans.
  • City council wanted permanent closure of Sappers Contour and part of Flinders Island to be removed. This raised the cost with R30 000.
  • Tar for surface are and to compact Flinders road cost another R10 000.

Fortunately we had insurance intact for the 3 damaged/replaced gates. Cost is R260 pm. for insurance.

Guards in Queens Crescent at main gate: Owner of house asked for wall to be built for extra privacy – this was additional R 12 000.

Total paid up to date: R381 610-for phase 1

Income: R312 792 up to date. We also used the payments that were made in 2002 and we ask everybody to contribute R100 every month to help with running cost and re-application fees. The first receiver only handled 500 remotes and we had to upgrade, because we sold 740 remotes.

In summary:

Genius Technologies R  301 210
(main contract)
Streetsafe (Pty) Ltd R  30 000
Jannie Visagie (Plans and drawings) R     8 050
Genius Technologies (Repairs & service)
Replacement of gate R     9 405
Genius Technologies (Remotes / tags) R  37 905
Genius Technologies (Construction of wall
at main gate) R     4 000
Insurance premies R     1 040
R  381 610
Insurance Claim R     7 600
Remotes and tags R    78 800

4.3) Budget for next year:

The Re-application fee to keep area closed-off is R56 000 by law.

Total expense for re-application will be around R100 000.

Only 40 households are paying the extra R100 to help with running cost and re-application.

Outstanding requirement is around R88 000 for 2010.

If anybody can assist with ideas us it will be appreciated, otherwise we will have to open the gates again.

Additional information boards will be erected at main gate as well as on entrance gates.

BUDGET 2010 – 2011
1.  Retention Genius (5%) R   19 387
2.  Management fee – Streetsafe R   10 000
3.  Tar (Island Flinders) R   10 000
4.  Re-application R 100 000
5.  Insurance and electricity R     7 200
6.  Balance on contract R   21 926
7.  Auditor’s fee R      8 500
R177 013
Current account balance at 06/06/2009 R    24 110
Money market account at 02/07/2009 R    45 698
Current balance
Current account R75 124.69
Money market R13 201.95
R88 326.64

5) New Matters

5.1) Appointment of Auditors

Proper audit needs to be done in terms of Section 21 requirements. If anybody can assist us with the audit we would appreciate. We will approach a bookkeeper or CA in community.

5.2) Appointment of directors:

A call for new director nominations/volunteers was asked.

The current 4 directors were nominated and seconded for the next year: M Kelbrick; J Kruger; H Olivier; J Swemmer.

New nominations received: Andre v d Heyde -not available.

Etienne du Preez – accepted and seconded.

5.3) Dawn 919 contribution: We thank them again for taking part in this project as a complex and for their generous contribution. The representative was asked to convey our appreciation.

5.4) Re-application: Presented by Jan Malan

At the March 2010 Cluster meeting between police stations, an overview was given of crime over the past 3 month’s period for Eastern Pretoria. There were outstanding 2 white blocks where crime has decreased significantly. It is the areas North and east of the There were almost no crime in Lynnwood North and Lynnwood Glen.

However, the bad news is that there is cost associated: The current Permission started 17/12/2008, so it will end on17/12/2010. The Re-application must be submitted 3 months before the expiry date.

This implies the following:

i) Appoint traffic engineer-traffic impact study to see if system works (R25 0000)

ii) Council price if submitted before end of June R56 000 – otherwise there will an increase.

iii) City planners and proof of 67% support of members, Letter from police etc.

If the first re-application is submitted, they can take as long as they want to approve.

The traffic study must be done during peak hours-that is before the school closes for kids this term. School closes 9/6/2010 so it is recommended to continue to avoid an unknown increase in fees.

The chairperson asked if there are any ideas to get funds or the next year:

  • People not contributing, must be approached and convinced to contribute.
  • Payment over 6 months is possible.
  • Tenants-please ask landlords to contribute.
  • Motivation-if you want to sell your house,you will get a better price-has been proved.
  • Short term insurance-25% less on your payment.

It was again mentioned that we cannot force anybody to pay.

Most of Businesses in area have contributed.

It was agreed that the committee could ask residents for an Extra R1000 per household to fund re-application and running cost required for the next year.

5.5) Night operations:

It was agreed that the gates will automatically close between 21h00-05h00 every night. All residents to use the main entrance at Queens Crescent.

5.6) Open points

Guard duties:  Complaints were received that guards simply opens the booms. This is unacceptable and a detail procedure of guard duties must still be drawn up.

Tailgating: 3 gates have been damaged in 6 months.  Please make sure the gate closed behind you when you enter/exit.

A suggestion was made to put a picture on the information board.

We all knew and accepted that there would be certain sacrifices to be made, at least we can definitely confirm that our safety situation has improved!

Remotes and tags are still with Johan Swemmer-to be handed over to Zambli.

Park area in Dawn Street was raised as concern. The wall will be completed in future Sanral is looking at ways to secure the storm water hole grit.

Questions raised about the following:

Sappers Contour 762; There is an open area next to highway. Zambli says panhandle was closed off with metal, nobody can come through. However, it is possible to enter from the N1 side. We should try to trace owner of stand 762.

Empty house in Queens Crescent: it is regularly patrolled by Zambli.

Pedestrians tailgating cars: Please phone Zambli and describe pedestrians and they will follow up.

Future ideas: LE ID cards for household workers and color coded papers for visitors.

Hotspots on Lynnwood road: Initial plans were to fence it off. Have to apply to council-parks department. We will look into the matter. Mrs. Kleynhans 465 Queens.

LCA: Koos van As

Operational execution is contracted to Zambli.

Help and assist LCA by phoning Zambli if something looks suspicious.

Visit the LCA Website regularly.

Put LCA emergency number on speed dial: 082 455 4050.

Zambli mainly focuses on exit control, not really entry control.

LCA is printing new LCA Stickers-to be put on windscreen right hand corner top.

Meeting was approved as AGM.

6) Next meeting: May 2011

J Swemmer

Chairperson: Lynnwood Estate Security Village

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