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Dear Residents

Following the AGM, where we received the mandate to continue with the re-application, just some brief feedback.

First of all, many thanks for the members that have contributed the R 1000 towards funding the re-application, and to those who continue to contribute R 100 per month.

1)      The re-application has been submitted, in time, in 18 fold as required.

2)      We have paid the Council fees of R 56 K

3)      We still need to pay the respective Traffic Engineers and Process Consultant another R 40 K

For information, someone has again ran into the Flinders gate late Sat evening, that’s why it is locked. We had the contractor yesterday looking at the damage, and expect feedback today. It is highly frustrating!! Again I do an urgent request on residents to inform visitors, friend about the procedure – no remote: use the main entrance. It is in all residents interest!!!

We have finalized the wording and quotes for the info boards which should be completed within the next few days, and will be put on the gates. Remember that we agreed at the meeting that the gates will automatically close and open between 21h00 – 05h00 each night. We suspect this may curb the “damaging” of the gates during late night hours.

However,  we are still significantly short of the R 100 000 K requirement for the re-application, and I do a firm though friendly request to residents to really try to contribute extra R1000 for this purpose. It can be done over a period as well, need not be once –off.

Thank you for the continued support, there is no doubt that, even with some of the current frustrations/small sacrifices we had to make, plus the physical proof from police feedback, that our area’s safety has much improved.

Please do not hesitate to contact any of below with any query.

Kind regards

LE committee

Contacts: Johan Swemmer – 082 490 0521 /    Madaleen Kelbrick – 082 4418407 /   Hugo Olivier 082 7894071

Johan Kruger 082 4583910 / Etienne du Preez –0823366347;

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