Dear LE Residents

Just when we thought things were going a little smoother…..

As you have noticed, Flinders gate has yet again been damaged by a “tailgater”. I have contacted the driver and his company…and we are starting the process of instituting the necessary claims against their insurance.

Sometime we think it is just best to keep Flinders permanently closed, but of course we do not have the mandate for this.

We are also going to dolly up (some flowers etc) at the Queens entrance to make it look a bit better.

We are currently re-evaluating some of our service  and maintenance levels. It seems that the tag gates are not all functioning properly, so we thought we would lock the unserviceable tag gates between 18h00 and 05h30 at night until we have put in place more immediate support system. This is to ensure integrity of the security aspect around these gates. Please let us know what’s your thoughts on this approach. If we do not receive any objections, we will implement this procedure by the end of the week, at least until 15 January 2011.

All the tags and remotes have been sold out, we are in the process of ordering some extra.

We have also asked Zambli to apply specific procedures at the Queens entrance. See attached. Please also do not hesitate to give your comments and feedback on execution thereof.

As for LCA part, we are currently investigating to deploy 5 extra guards, on roaming bicycles, from 1 Dec to 15 Jan. Will keep you posted on the progress.

If any resident, being a member of LCA, has not yet received a new LCA membership board on your fence/gate, please let me know.

I also still have LCA stickers left which you can stick on your windscreen to indicate you are an LCA resident.

We have not yet received feedback regarding our re-application. We believe this may still take some time.

If there are any further comments /suggestion, please do not hesitate to let us know.

We wish all a wonderful break, a Blessed Christmas and a Happy new year.



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