Dear Resident,          9 October 2009

Just a brief overview of the progress we have made for the closing of Lynnwood Estate.

Payments received to date (incl. funds from previous contributions): Approx R 210 000

Budgeted amount: R 300 000 Shortfall: R 90 000

At the moment we are awaiting final approval from Tshwane Council for the plans we submitted. These plans include issues like street markings, where we intend erecting the gates, civil works pertaining to erecting the gates etc etc. We are expecting approval in the next 2 weeks. We have also tasked Jan Malan to issue tenders for the works and of the nine attendees at the site meeting, we have received three tenders. We will award the tender once we have received Council approval for the plans and we are aiming to complete the closure by no later than the 10 of December.

We have evaluated two mechanisms for gate control i.e remote control and mobile control. Overall it seems that mobile (cellular) control is the best value for money, including the security of such a system. *Only registered numbers with the main data base will be able to activate the gates*. For pedestrian gates we suggested a tag system. The current guard duties at Flinders/Lynnwood will move to Queens/Rodericks.

However, as you can see there is still a significant shortfall and we urge you to please make the contribution as it will enhance not only individual safety but will also contribute to a safer society in our enclosed area. As agreed, LCA will still do the operational patrolling and providing guards and we also ask that those that have not joined the LCA, do seriously considering doing so.

For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact any of the below members:

Johan Swemmer: 082 490 0521
Madaleen Kelbrick 082 441 8407
Johan Kruger 082 458 3910
Hugo Olivier 082 7894071
Pero Roux 083 327 1588

For LCA: LCA admin: 072 1890 333 ;

e-mail:;   Contact: Janet de Gouveia;

WEB: http//

Please visit the LCA website as they have kindly provided a link for Lynnwood Estate Security Village

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