NOTICE 4: 26 JAN 2010

Dear Lynnwood Estate Resident

You will note we have put the gates situated at Flinders road and Derek’s lane into operation over the weekend. We envisage the main entrance to be completed within the next two weeks.

As can be expected there may be some teething problems as the use of the gates is new to us all. Please note the following rules when using the new security measures:

Motorised gates at Flinders road and Derek’s lane

1.   The gates will be operational 24 hours a day with a remote until 15 February 2010.

2.   Normal Gate operating hours after 15 February 2010: 06h00 to 20h00. Use the main entrance situated in Queens Crescent after these times. The main entrance will be open 24hrs and will be manned by a guard once completed. The gates will automatically close at 20h00, and re-open with the first remote signal received after 06h00.

3.   To exit from the Estate press button nr 1 on remote.

4.   To enter Lynnwood Estate press button nr 2 on remote.

5.   Only open the gate when standing in front of it and do not open from a distance so that the gate will be open once you arrive without slowing down.

6.   Only cross the gate once it is fully open and safe to use. Be aware that other oncoming vehicles without remotes may attempt to use the gate you have just opened.

7.   There is a 4 second delay once the gate is completely open after which it will close. Do not wait until the gate is starting to close before attempting to use it. Rather press the same button again to open.

8.   Do not Enter or Exit through the opposite gate. Only use the gate designated as either Entry or Exit.

9.   The entrances have been fitted with safety loops in the road to prevent the gates from closing on your vehicle. These loops will not function if you change lanes and use the gate for oncoming traffic. If you open the wrong side, press the correct button and proceed staying in your lane.

10.  Do not proceed through the gate on Entry or Exit unless there is sufficient space available on the other side of the gate to completely cross the gate. This is especially important at the Derek’s lane gate that is close to the four way stop.

11.  DO NOT TAILGATE. The gates have been set to close quickly after you have passed them to prevent tail gating. Should you try this, your car may be damaged.

12.  No liability will be accepted for damage to your vehicle as a result of not following proper and safe use.

13.  Do not open the gates for drivers wishing to enter or exit without a remote. Please direct them to the main entrance.

Pedestrian Gates

1.   The pedestrian gates will be operational from 27 January 2010. Entry and Exit will only be possible with a Tag.

2.   The pedestrian gate should never be left open or blocked to prevent full closure.

3.   The tag may not be handed to anybody other that the properly authorised user.

4.   It is vital that residents explain the proper use of the tag and importance of keeping our area safe to users.

We thank all the residents for their patience and support to get this project off the ground and operational. We also appeal to all residents that have not yet made their capital contribution of R3 000 to please do so. These measures are for your benefit and your neighbors shouldn’t be carrying your contribution.

Any suggestions, complaints or compliments are welcome and should be directed to one of the committee members.

Kind Regards

Johan Swemmer, – 082 824 1833

Madeleen Kelbrick, – 082 441 8407

Pero Roux – 083 327 1588

Hugo Olivier,, – 082 789 4071

Johan Kruger, – 082 458 3910

Gunther Hols, – 082 823 3014 (Complex)

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