Dear Lynnwood Estate Security Village Members,

You will have noticed by now that we have progressed, albeit a little slowly, with the closure of Lynnwood Estate Security Village. We are in a growing phase, we experience daily challenges and more serious problems (people opening gates for people without remotes, tailgating) and because of this, have incurred in excess of R 15 000 extra costs. Be that as it may, it is an educational process and if each resident remains patient, and follows the logical procedures, we should soon be operating very smoothly. Keeping in mind this is where we live, where we want to have peace and security, we knew we would need to make some sacrifices…..the time to make these sacrifices is now.

We are already starting to think about the next two years, how we could upgrade the main entrance gate and so on. However, before we do this, we need to address some immediate requirements. We do have a shortfall on the initial capital, but we will try to get outstanding payments from residents who have not paid yet. Yes, we do have some opportunists that enjoy the benefits without wanting to contribute.

As for the re-application, running cost (insurance etc), we will need a further contribution from residents. During the meeting last year, at the NG Church Lynnwood (where we made remotes available), we proposed that we would have to engage residents for a monthly contribution of R 100 in addition to the current fee (R 377) paid to be a LCA member. At the time, there was no opposition voiced to this motion.

We would need the following funds in the next 6 -12 months:

Re-application fees approx   R 63 000

Traffic engineer                  R 15 000

Insurance                           R   6 000

This communiqué then serves as a request for approval that we can add R 100, in addition to the current LCA fees, to cover the above requirement.  I know this seems to be quite unexpected, but it would be sad to see all effort (and initial funds contributed to the project) go down the drain if we cannot fund the re-application. We do have some opposition in our area, which can only be countered by a very definite majority support by residents.

Below please find permission approval to increase LCA debit orders with R 100 per month.

I,………………………………………………………….., hereby  authorize decline LCA to recover an additional R100 per month from my debit order, to be paid over to Lynnwood Estate Security Village.

Name Address ID number Signature

We would like to implement this with effect 1 April 2010.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact any of the Committee members.

You are requested to deliver your signed form to either of the following addresses below, or as alternative you can simply send me a mail confirming your approval to increase the current LCA debit order by R 100:

Johan Swemmer    448 Flinders

Madeleen Kelbrick     455   Sappers Contour

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