The Lynnwood Community Association (LCA) is a non-profit company, which was established in February 2007 due to the extremely high levels of crimes being perpetrated in the Lynnwood North area on a daily basis. The LCA is a community security initiative founded by the residents to manage the crime and security in the suburb.  The activities of the LCA since inception have no doubt contributed largely to the relatively low incidence of crime in Sector 1—the Lynnwood North area. It is the sector in the Brooklyn Policing Precinct with the constantly lowest level of crime of all the areas.  LCA also works closely with Lynnwood Residents’ Association (LRA) and Community Police Forum (CPF) to make Lynnwood North safe. Members’ properties are identified with a LCA board.


LCA pays a contracted security service provider to provide the following:

  1. Boom off and guard all five entrances daily from 18:00 – 06:00.
  2. The most advanced Digital Video Recording Cameras at each entrance.  This equipment has the ability to record around the clock activity.  The recorded material  can be kept for up to 48 hours and downloaded for investigation and use in the event of an incident.
  3. One 24/7 roving vehicle with armed security personnel .
  4. A designated control room which is staffed 24/7 with well trained personnel who are also in direct contact with the local Police and other security companies operating in the area.


  1. As a result of the LCA security initiative, Lynnwood North has become a sought after suburb to buy in and properties here typically sell for 10% more than property in Lynnwood South. 80% of buyers want to buy in a security conscious area and are prepared to pay a premium for this.
  2. Of great relevance is that crime has been kept to a minimum and the suburb has the lowest criminal activity and incidents compared to its neighbours and other policing sectors.
  3. Residents and their families freely exercise/walk their pets/ride their bikes etc. with peace of mind and a sense of security.  A priceless benefit.


Lynnwood North households voluntarily contribute monthly towards the security initiative. Membership fee is R 415.00 per month.  LCA utilizes these funds to pay the security service provider and purchase and/or implement additional, updated security measures where resources allow for e.g. additional day-time security in the form of bicycle patrols over the festive season. Members have the option to pay with a monthly debit order or to make EFT payments.


The LCA committee is made up of residents of the community and they voluntarily manage the security initiative. A book-keeper is paid to administer the contributions by the members.


Interactive Security is currently the security provider for the LCA.


Contact Sharon Cooke 072 189 0333 / to request the relevant membership application forms.


  1. I’d also like to wish the Directors and staff of the LCA and Zambli all of the best for the festive season and thanks for all your efforts.

    Nothing was mentioned, and residents might not know, but the cycle guards over this period are sponsored by the LCA. Well done–it provides a lot more comfort to all residents.

    If only we could get more members to make this a permanent feature…..

    And, I’ll definitely support LM in the East even more than in the past. I hope that the other businesses in the area take note!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with Les’s comment below. The reports are heartening, the guards at the gates in the evening are wide awake,professional, courteous, friendly and doing what they should be doing,and one feels that at last the system is really working. We feel extremely positive about the LCA/Zambli system.
    A couple of times over past months I have phoned in on being a bit uneasy by certain people at my gate asking not only for money but questions such as when my husband will be home, or on on occasion uneasy about a group of guys sitting outside my gate for rather too long, and Zambli has followed up on each occasion and checked the people out. I also have discovered that they have gotten to know the ‘regulars’ who enter the area on legitimate purposes, such as the Record newspaper droppers and leaflet droppers, and can distinguish between them and those who are dodgy.

    Many, many thanks to all hardworking members of LCA and Zambli who have made this high quality security system possible.

    Krystyna, thank you for taking the time to peruse our August 2010 newsletter and for your positive and constructive comments in this regard. Feedback from the community is what enables us, the committee to ensure the system is working effectively and benefits everyone involved.
    Kind regards,
    Sharon Cooke
    Director: Communication

  3. It is gratifying to note the steady improvement in the quality of the web site, communications, and the professionalism of the security service over the months.

    Keep it up!

    We appreciate the work that you are doing.

    Les Holcroft
    The Loop

    Les, your comments are always appreciated and vindicate what we’re aiming to achieve. Thank you.
    Kind regards,
    Sharon Cooke
    Director: Communication

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