In October 2017, a group of volunteers began patrolling the streets of Lynnwood North on Sunday’s.  Their vehicles are branded with the LCA CPF logo.  For month’s prior to this, Sunday’s used to be the favourite day for criminal activities.  Criminals would burgle homes while homeowners were at church or away for the day.  But when the men and women in our suburb started the patrols, all criminal activity on a Sunday, completely ceased.

All we ask, is that residents volunteer one hour of their time on a Sunday to assist with this highly successful initiative and to ensure a safer Lynnwood North for all who reside here. 

The patrols meet every Sunday from 07:00 on the c/o Kings Highway and Mimosa St.  Meet there on a Sunday to put your name down to join the patrols or contact Andrew van der Berg directly on 082 800 6240. 

Don’t hesitate!  Please join today!  With more volunteers the patrols can also take place on Saturday’s.

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