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Hi Tertius

1. Pine Pienaar has submitted a detailed plan for Lynnwood to the City Council for traffic calming. As Phillip says, the council simply has no money to implement it. There are a few other options, one of which would be if we could close off Kings Highway at the bridge, at the intersection with Rodericks Road. This will immediately bring down the traffic flowing in that races through both Rodericks and down Kings High way to LynnPark. It will be a tough one to justify but Pine Pienaar has suggested it, and I think that with regards just to the dangers of traffic including busses and taxis that race down Rodericks passed the school, we might just get it right. it will also instantly increase our security in the area. Personally I’m all for it.

2. The liquor license – I scan the gazette weekly, and as to date I am unaware of a liquor license for the old 7-11. I will go down to the new shop in the next few days and just make sure that they are not selling it, but please do follow up at which ever level you can to make sure what the situation is. We will definitely object to any license being either issued or renewed. There are already two licenses for our area – one at Lynnpark and one next to St George’s.


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  1. 1. Have you noticed that since the Suprette opposite the park/tennis courts on Kings Highway and Rosemary has closed, there have been very few loiterers in the park? Is there any way that we can prevent any future superettes from acquiring a liquor licence because that is what draws loiterers to the area.

    2. How do we apply to have a number of ‘Speed Bumps’ layed along the full length of Kings Highway?

    3. Whatever happened to the CID initiative?

    Cecile Cameron

    Hi Cecile

    You are of exactly the same view as us regarding the superette and a liquor licence. In fact, I wonder if the previous one was ever advertised at all. I will see if I can contact anybody at the Liquor board—does anybody know what it is called nowadays? Unfortunately, I will be out of town until late next week so it will have to wait until then.

    A well-researched proposal regarding traffic calming for the whole of Lynnwood North was submitted to the City council about a year ago, with the blessing of the Lynnwood Residents Association (some of whose members I am copying hereon). We have not heard anything since! Where would you propose traffic calming measures, additional to the current ones in KH? We can always take it further, especially considering the traffic flows lately, provided it is reasonable.

    As Botha, who started driving the CID project, gave it up—partly due to personal and business reasons and partly because of substantial resistance from some residents, particularly from Lynnwood South (don’t know if you were at the CID launch meeting at the Trinity church!). We still believe it would be the way to go, but it would require someone to volunteer—someone with sufficient time, tenacity and guts to steer it through.

    Kind regards
    Tertius du Plessis

  2. I followed up with Dr. Pieter Pienaar who compiled the traffic calming proposal. It seems that CTMM is not against the request but claim that they can’t fund it now due to budget constraints.
    Met beste wense,
    Phillip A Nel
    Sel 084 400 6037; Tel. 012 361 2887 Faks 086 610 6407

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