Interactive Contact

– EMERGENCY 0861 333 361 or 083 276 5455

– Fanus Roodt, 082 550 1638 (439 Atterbury St, Menlo Park)

– Interactive Administration, Verna Koorsen, 011 952 0613

We would like to ask INTERACTIVE and LCA members to note the procedures when reporting incidents and crime to the INTERACTIVE control room.

When reporting an incident or crime please request the INTERACTIVE reference number from the control room operator.  This will ensure the incident is reported and that the reference number can be traced if required for future reference.  The closest patrol/reaction vehicle will be sent to visit the scene, after which a Crime Sheet will be completed with the necessary details of the incident/crime and the allocated INTERACTIVE and SAPS case numbers.

The complainant will receive a copy of the CRIME SHEET.

Lima 1 :Entrance at Kings Highway, Lynnwood Road

Lima 2: Entrance at Lynnwood and Church.

Lima 3: Rosemary entrance

Lima 4: Rodericks entrance

Lima 5: Lynnwood Estate

Lima 6: Entrance at Kings Highway, Meirings Naude










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